Monday, November 17, 2008

Organized Christmas

Black Friday

Years ago, Ashlea and I started a holiday tradition of shopping on Black Friday. It started as something fun to do with some family we were staying with over Thanksgiving. But we enjoyed it so much, that even when our family grew, Ashlea and I continued the tradition, just her and I.

I know for many Black Friday doesn't sound like fun. Crowds. Angry shoppers. People shoving. But we never experienced any of that. Our first time was even in Dallas. And now that we are in OK, there is NONE of that here.

So with happy hearts we anticipate this Black Friday. Neither of us really need much. But it's the tradition and fun that keeps us going.

We'll use this site to help us decide which stores we will shop at, ahead of time, and plan out our trip.

We'll get up at 6. Head to OKC.

Stop at Starbucks.

Shop at the Early Bird sales.

Look for dresses. (Anyone seen any dark blue holiday dresses???? Anywhere?)

Eat a nice lunch.

See a movie.

Shop some more.

Talk. Laugh. Walk. Have fun together.

Head home as late as we can stand to stay shopping.

Perfect mother-daughter day.

Some day all the girls will get to enjoy this special day with us.

I love having daughters.


Jill said...

I love Black Friday! I usually go with my Mike's Mom...look forward to it all year! Even if I don't get a lot of shopping's just fun to have a "mom" to hang out with! I can't wait till Bailey is old enough to go with me!

Yara said...

I've been twice, both with my mom, years apart
once we went before work.... yes, before I had kids, for a while my mom & I worked at the same office, and yup they made us go in that day
we stopped at a store before going to work
LAst year we tried to go, my sis had to work, we dropped her off and then went to 1 store and that was all we could stand
I guess Toys R Us was a bad idea? lol
I prefer to stay home that day... it gets crazy here in California
YOUR day sounds so fun though, it makes me want to go... and then I have to realize... its like we live in different worlds.

Aubrie said...

Nice post..! I too love Black Friday..

Tara H. said...

the site you gave was very helpful. Thanks. And just an FYI, Wal Green will have webkinz for 6.99 a piece and buy one get one free.


the*4*of*us said...

I love black friday--I only started going out 5 or 6 years ago...but I love it!
Do you have a Burlington Coat Factory? They have tons of dresses and I remember some dark colored ones :)

Michelle said...

Mike's mom is great. I can see how that would be fun. Arent we lucky to have such great MIL's?

Yara, you dont seem like the black friday like a little more order and quiet?

Yes, I'm hitting Walgreens.

Will try Burlington. Thanks.