Monday, November 17, 2008

Money Saving Monday


Does it seem like you are constantly doing laundry? If you have more than a couple kids, you probably are. I'm always looking for ways to streamline my life and save money.

A couple years back I realized that I had a ton of towels. And I was washing them all the time. The more I had, the more that were used, and the more that I had to wash them. I hated to get rid of any of them because they were all so nice and many of them were like new.

But I made the decision to do less laundry and have less stuff. So I got rid of every towel in my house, except for 8. I had one for each adult and child and three for Millicent.

I got everyone color coded towels so we could tell our towels apart.

I washed towels once a week. Everyone was sure to hang their towels up because that was all there was. It meant no bath if you forgot. No one forgot after the first few weeks.

This saves me money on laundry soap, water and time.

Now to just get back to this system. Since then the girls all got new towels with their names embroidered, for Christmas. Somehow we ended up with additional towels. Millicent and Asa have way too many. But this post is helping me to get focused so I'm getting rid of some towels this week. With Jeff's blessings, of course.


Tara H. said...


Can i have your extra towels?

Jill said...

We do the same thing....except when someone forgets to hang their towel up we don't know who's it was! The color thing is a good idea...I have been thinking about getting towels with names for a while but keep putting it off...where do you get yours?

Michelle said...

Yes, you can have my extras.

HILDA! Carol took them over there last year and Hilda let us use her machines. They are amazing. I was on bedrest still but I was able to embroider stockings. If you want to go let's ask her. I can come up with something to have names put on! She has 2 machines.