Friday, November 7, 2008

Organized Christmas

Wardrobe Check

Our girls LOVE new Christmas dresses. I didn't have a lot of traditions growing up, but I did always have a velvet dress for Christmas. ONE. It lasted a long time because I didn't do much growing. I'm serious and don't laugh.

I get my girls a new dress every year though. And they love it. I do it mainly because I want them to have a new dress for our Christmas pictures. But the bonus is that they love them. And just like me they grow so slow that they are still wearing their dresses from four years ago. So they have a lot of winter dresses. Mostly velvet and all poofy.

This year our color is dark blue. So far I've only bought Kori's dress. If you see any for the other three girls, that you think I would like, let me know. Jeff and Asa will wear black pants, a white shirt and a blue tie. OHHHHH! Asa is going to match his daddy and I can't stand it. SOOOOO cute!!!!

What do you do for Christmas outfits? Are you ready? Have you bought them? Time to get to planning.


Virginia said...

Wow!! I found huge collection of winter wears at Haband...

Michelle said...

Of christmas dresses for children? or adults?

Yara said...

is there a Children's Orchard near you? They have great dresses (& stuff in general) for kids : )

I am ready for Christmas
and our outifts cost me a total of $2
and they are like brand new
Lisa has a grey dress, Lorelei black velvet, and the baby... my first Christmas pajamas
but I dont plan on dragging them out this year for Christmas pictures, we will just stay home & relax... so they dont need to be matching this year... dressed will be enough : )
I can not believe I am ready for Christmas and was before we even hit November this year