Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Friday

Love and Respect

Do you know how much your husband loves you? He would die for you.

"Greater love has no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friends." --John 15:13

And your husband would. He would die for you or the kids. That is how he shows his love, by protecting you.

I feel so protected when Jeff is around. I really do. I know no one would ever hurt me, physically or emotionally. He would never let anyone say or do anything that hurts me. He would defend me, even if I was wrong. I love feeling that. So I'm glad I have it.

What can you do to tell your husband how much you love him for the way he takes care of you. Thank him. Like this maybe:

Thank you Jeff for all the things you do. For going to work every day and providing all that we have. And we do indeed have much. Thank you that I will never HAVE to work a day in my life, but that if I ever wanted to be a doula, you support that as well. (As long as it doesn't take away from my home time, I'm okay with that.) Thank you that you work so diligently and so hard and that you honor God in your job. When I go to work with you I see how others look upon you and it makes me glad to be your wife. Thank you Jeff. You are amazing.

Try thanking YOUR husband for providing for you. (If you blog about it would you come back and let me know so I can read your lovely devotions to your husband.)