Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

Are you a homeschooler? Do you have school pages, if you are? I don't. Not a single one.

I have taken video footage and a few pictures of our days, but really it's quite rare that I even think about it.

We do back to school pictures, even though we school year round. And we have a special "Open House"/"Back to School" night at the grandparents where we take a lot of pictures.

Each of the girls saves some of the their school work through the year for their open house. So we have school work to look back over.

But no scrapbook pages. Lots of field trips with lots of pictures. But no scrapbook pages.

Anyone else in the same boat? What can we do to get more homeschool pages? It's important!


April said...

I had begun doing some school pages and then Becky Higgins released her School Days kit and I bought one for each child. You can no longer get the School kit only the School expansion pack from her site(Ebay has them but the price is a little higher but not too bad depending on who is selling). I love the kit, it's such a great way to organize there school years.

Her blog has information on it:
Just scroll down and you will see the video.

Also on 2peas a while back another homeschool scrapbooker had a checklist of things she would scrapbook about and she included things like: your curriculm for the year,writing sample, field trips, book lists, homeschool group, unit studies, friends, pic of mom/teacher each year. things such as that.

I hope this helps give you some ideas, and I look forward to also seeing what you come up with.

Michelle said...

Thank you, I will check that out.

April said...

Hi Michelle,
I wanted to let you know I added a link showing 2 of my pages. I am having a problem with blogger(the first time ever) But I will add more in the future.