Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Using a travel agent works for me. And not just any travel agent but Julie with Curing Cold Feet. She's awesome.

She booked us a cabin with 2 bedrooms (1 king size bed, that I requested, 2 fulls, and a fold out), a kitchenette, and a heated pool...well that's not in our room, I don't mean. Plus she got us discounted tickets for our whole family (yes all 7 of us) to a show and Silver Dollar City. Dope! Did I give it away? We are in Branson.

Not only did she manage a fantastic price for us and all the amenities I asked for (except a whirlpool tub...she didnt get me that, man!) but she did it for free. FREE works for me! Yep, she didnt charge us a dime. And I made her work for her money. I'm not the easiest person to please. Okay, yes I am. But I did ask about the amenities.

Please use Julie if you are planning a vacation. She got us the best price. And I just like her.

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Christy said...

hey check out my blog i put some pictures up of baby caleb ;)