Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Friday

I love my husband. I adore him. I think he is one of the smartest men I have ever met (his father being another). (Not to mention handsome.) I enjoy telling him all about my day, and spending time with him, just doing nothing. I love him!

My husband loves me too. He compliments me. He does specific (as opposed to just sitting doing nothing) activities with me. He listens when I talk, even if he can't remember a word I said. He loves me!

But we are very different. (In case you haven't guessed this about your own husband.)

Have you seen Fireproof the movie? It's really good. After watching it a few weeks ago we started a study at church called Love and Respect. So while my next few Friday posts will be about what we are learning, from that, the words are my own. But just to be clear, the information is not from my own head, it's from Love and Respect.

So back to what I was saying about us being very different. I love him, but when I talk about his intelligence I am demonstrating my love for him. He feels my respect. When he listens to me talk, even though he doesn't remember most of it, he is demonstrating his love for me. Far differently though.

Men need respect. Women need love.

I know most of my readers are women. Show this to your husbands. We feel love when our husbands spend time with us, without watching TV or being on the computer. We feel love from our husbands when they look at us when we talk, even if they can't tell us everything we talked about. We feel love from our husbands when they tell us we are beautiful or buy us gifts JUST to show us they were thinking of us. We feel love from our husbands when they plan a date for us and make all the decisions. (I AM generalizing, and I realize that every woman likes different things.)

BUT even if our husbands do not show us love in any of these ways, or any way, we still need to show them respect.

According to the book, if our husbands don't show us love we wont show them respect, and when we don't show them respect, they wont show us love. DON'T be a part of that circle. Don't wait for your husband to show you love to do the right thing. You married him because he was a good man. Hold on to that feeling you first had for him. Then demonstrate that with respect.

How do you like to be shown love?
How do you show respect for your husband?

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