Monday, October 27, 2008

What Are Your Priorities?

Jeff and I were able to go on a little drive yesterday afternoon and talk. We always enjoy these refreshing times of being together. We often discuss the children and our life's goals. Yesterday we talked about selling everything and living in a tent. A little extreme to be sure! But we did decide on something that we thought would be beneficial to us and our family and decided to pray about it. (We aren't at liberty to discuss it yet.) But as we started to get excited about this life change and pray about whether we really should make a change, God answered us so clearly. He answered our prayer at church last night before we really had a chance to be on our knees.

What are your priorities, he asked?

We serve an awesome God.


Marcy said...

I want to hear about this when you are able to share!

Christy said...

ya no me and chad almost decided to move in our camper and just live that super close life but we changed our mind but we both still kinda wish we would have cause man it would have been hard sure but also really awesome!

Michelle said...

I will share it as soon as I can.