Monday, October 27, 2008

Ditch the Disposables

Our last installment of Ditch the Disposables. I hope you have enjoyed what I've written. More importantly I hope you have made some changes.

Disposable diapers to cloth diapers fun and easy
Toilet paper to cloth wipes/washcloths (for #1 or #2 too if you are really, really adventurous) I do this some

I LOVE cloth diapers. This post is likely to get long because I have a lot to say about cloth diapers.

These diapers are not your mother's diapers. These diapers are more like disposables. They are easy to use, easy to clean.

First let's have a little tutorial for those cloth diaper newbies who may be reading. Please remember that this is just my opinion and everyone will have different results.

There are 4 basic kinds of cloth diapers: prefolds, AIO's, fitteds with covers, pockets.

Prefolds-These are your mothers diapers. They are just the soft cotton square/rectangular diapers that you lay baby on and fold up. Now they make Snappis to fasten them with so you don't have to use pins. These come in basically one or two colors; white and off-white. But you can tie dye them or color them.

Advantages: CHEAP, you choose absorbency

Disadvantages: time consuming to put on, several steps, bulky

AIO's-These are almost exactly like sposies. They either snap or velcro. One step and you are done. These Berry Plush are especially soft and comfortable and cute. Every print and fabric imaginable can be found. These are best for short periods of time or when you feel lazy.

Advantages: quick, simple, slim

Disadvantages: can't choose absorbency

Fitteds with covers: One diaper is either snaps or velcro that go under a cover. These must have a cover or they will get the clothing wet. Come in various fabrics and designs, as will the covers. Though usually the covers are plain. As you can see in the picture, they aren't all plain. These are Kissaluvs (my fave) and Gen Y covers, which I thought was just so pretty, but that I've never actually used.

Advantages: ease of use, can choose absorbency

Disadvantages: two steps, can be bulky

Pockets: These are great for overnight and car rides. Every imaginable print or fabric. These are Blueberries which is a wonderful brand and one of my faves.

Advantages: lasts all night because you customize absorbency, usually grow with baby a little better than other kinds

Disadvantages: STUFFING them gets tedious, hands can be too big

With cloth diapers there are "name brands" and then there are "generic brands". Name brands are Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz, Kissaluvs and other brands like that, which are made by bigger companies and get national advertising. Generic brands are the work at home diapers like Loving, Caring, Anointed, and Kuddly Kreations. Basically moms who work from home to make a little extra money.

There are LOTS of places to buy diapers but let me suggest the two places I do most my buying: Abby's Lane, Diaper Swappers

Abby's Lane has new diapers of all the name brands. Diaper Swappers is a mother to mother forum used to sell and trade diapers.

I suggest trying out a little of all and finding what you like. Every diaper will fit babies differently. And what you like for one baby may not work for another. If you decide to get diapers from any place I've recommended will you just mention my name in case they give referral bonuses? I could use new diapers, and hey, you never know!

This post has already gotten extremely long but I wanted to finish this up today. I do use cloth wipes sometimes. Let me just list advantages/disadvantages and let you decide. Please stop reading if you are squeamish, because while I will try to be discreet, we are talking about bodily functions here.

Advantages: cleans you all the way, doesn't leave lint behind, leaves you feeling fresh, great for periods, great for after relations, really cleans you up, bigger surface, no breakthrough contact.

Disadvantages: society says its gross, will still have to buy toilet paper for company and husbands (cause I don't know any who will use cloth), will have to get over being squeamish when washing (the reason my other kids don't use them...just me and Millicent so far)

So that's it. Please let me know what you have done, how you are doing and what you plan to do.


the*4*of*us said...

I clicked over from Biblical Womanhood to read what you have to say about cloth! We are gearing up, determined to try CDing this time around (baby due in Feb).
Anyway, I almost didn't believe it when I saw that your little one is named Millicent! That's my name and I hardly ever see it, much less for a little one! So cool!
And thanks for the CD info!

Anonymous said...

We cloth diaper and use cloth wipes. I've used them for me and the littles in place of toilet paper, but you should have seen my husband's face when he asked what that was sitting on the back of the toilet! We still buy paper for him and of course, the company :) -Dawn

Michelle said...

Diapers are so exciting! I'm glad for you. You'll love it. They come in so many colors and styles.

What it is about men? Jeff asked me to please keep buying toilet paper! LOL

Anonymous said...

We cloth diaper- I occasionally use cloth wipes for my son but haven't been lately in that department. We have bumgenious all in ones, one size pockets that are great. We also have some fuzzy bunz pockets that I love! Thanks for sharing.