Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

I love stickers. These and these and these...aren't they all pretty?

I like to use them on every page, every theme. I love buying them. Oh I would marry them if I could. I just love them.
But I'm discovering that my pages really do look better when they don't have a lot of stickers. Or any. Oh woe is me. What ever will I do with all my stickers? Flowers, and animals, and Christmas themes, and all the dimensional ones. What am I going to do???? Someone help me? Is there a way to use stickers while it still looks good?


eally said...

I put a video on my blog showing my coupon binder system...

Theresa said...

Use them on cards! Great way to use up your PP scraps too. With the internet so strong, most people only get bills or junk in the mail so it is an expensive way to put a smile on a friend's face and also allow you to use up your goodies.

Mom2fur said...

Hi, Michelle! Thanks for visiting my blog and asking about my couponing method. I'm very non-tech, LOL! I write it long hand. I only list coupons I'll use, so making my list doesn't take very long at all. It's the matching sales to coupons, and making up my shopping lists, that takes more time--but I also use grocery game so that helps.
I'll blog about my coupon binder in the future. Right now I'm in Ohio visiting my mom!
I'm going to check out eally's blog--my binder ideas came from a video, and it might have been hers.