Friday, October 31, 2008


Has anyone seen a better price anywhere for Webkinz? I'm thinking of getting some for stocking stuffers. This seems like a reasonable price but I want cheaper.


Annie said...

I've seen them at Sam's club recently for $10.00. I will keep my eye out for you and let you know if I find any other places with good prices.

Ami said...

Our local Hallmark store often has them for buy one - get one 1/2 off.

Or they will mark down the older Webkins.

Michelle said...

I'll have to look at Sam's. AND Hallmark...just as soon as I find one.

Yara said...

2 for $20 at costco
they come in a 2 pack though, so you may not get the exact ones you wanted
but it was a very good price, as I saw them for about $18 at another store for the same ones I bought
I'm using for stocking stuffers too!

eally said...

LOL, you are so funny! That is cool that you just posted this question and I was able to answer it for you! LOL