Monday, November 3, 2008

Money Saving Monday

I hope my Ditch the Disposables posts were helpful to someone. I know it energized me to be more frugal and earth friendly. It actually got me thinking about other places where I can eliminate disposables.

Trash bags. We have a normal sized kitchen trash can. I was buying a box of trash bags a month. Not really that expensive, maybe $7 each.

But Jeff suggested we start going without. He said he would wash the trash can out on Saturdays when we do our Spring cleaning. It's working pretty good so far.

What do you do for trash bags?


Skinnyontheinside said...

We live in town and inorder for them to pick up our trash it HAS to be in a plastic bag. No way around it for us. What do you do with your trash? Do you take it to the dump or burn it?

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle,
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merrysfaithwalk said...

I enjoyed your blog. Your family is awesome. How very, very precious.
When my daughter was a baby (she is 35 now), I had to use cloth diapers; she was allergic to paper diapers. Her little backside became a raw sore. Immediately when I switched to cloth, she cleared up.

Michelle said...

We use to burn it but it was too much it burn (and we've actually caught the yard on fire) and then you have a barrel full of ashes that you have to figure out something with. So..we decided that Jeff's time was worth the puny fee.

We put straight trash into the can and so far no one has complained.

Yara said...

I only use bags in the kitchen
bathroom, bedroom, and sewing room trash get carried straight out to the trashcans outside
unless I have a plastic bag from a store, then dh may use that to collect the trash upstairs & take it out
I've only bought trash bags once in 2 yrs we've lived here though.....

Rachel said...

I use grocery bags! Paper or plastic, both work. For smaller cans, I use produce bags. I even reuse bags that tp comes in!