Friday, October 31, 2008


Christmas cards. I LOVE them! Go here to print the card list. It feels really great when you get to mark it when your cards come in.

We make a newsletter, with our family photo in it, a few photos that we think our family and friends will enjoy and updates on everyone. I love our newsletter. I added them to a binder and when the Christmas season begins we read through previous years newsletters. Then we include the newsletter with a card.

Is that overkill? Could I make it easier on myself by just including the newsletter? What do you do?


Marcy said...

Now that you have a blog, is a newsletter necessary? Family and friends can just read your blog to know what you all are up to throughout the year. That is what my friends and family do with my blog. I try to send out a Christmas card that says something about the true meaning of Christmas, I want the focus of the season to be on Christ rather than our family. Know what I mean?

Michelle said...

Good idea, but NO. I MUST do newsletters. I love them. THe kids would be heartbroken. ANd we have lots of family and friends who dont read our blogs.