Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Organized Christmas

Go here to visit the website.

Marcy (Hi Marcy) said she was a little a little overwhelmed being on the site over there. So here are some tips.

First, get a notebook. It will be your hub this Christmas.

Then go here. This is where all the printables that you need for your notebook are. You can decide on which ones you think are most important but I recommend you print them all this first year. Then next year you can see which ones didn't get used. For sure, I would print the checklists (weeks 1-6), the Christmas card list (I love being able to see who mailed me cards), master gift list (I print out about 4 pages and divide each sheet in half for my immediate family, then one for everyone else), and stocking stuffers. But again, I encourage you to print them all off, because they all (or most) are very useful.

Start there!

Today's assignment is the calendar. If you print off the checklists and put them in the front of your planner, you've done your assignment.

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