Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm on fire today, my 4th post. Guess I have a lot of important stuff to say, or maybe I've been home with the kids A LOT lately without Jeff around and I need to talk to humans (Okay, I know the kids are human, but spend a day here...)

A really fun tradition I do is trading stockings with my sister-in-law. We started this a few years ago. I buy stuff for her all year long, stuff I think she will like, stick it in a bag and give it to her husband to stuff her stocking with. (He buys her stuff for her other stocking, as does Jeff for me.)

This year I started getting samples and free and cheap stuff from Walgreens. So I have tons of stuff to give her this year. Not to mention all the cute little things I bought throughout the year when they went on clearance or sale.

So...find someone you love, ask if they would like to trade stockings this year and fill a bag for them. You'll love it. This is especially good if your spouse doesn't fill your stocking. Then you don't sit there Christmas morning in martyr mode wondering why no one loves you enough to get you anything...oh, is that just me?


Jill said...

I just have to comment on the "need to talk to humans" lol. I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way sometimes! Oh and good ideas on the stockings...I never get one :( I guess no loves me...lol.

Beulah said...

LOL...I totally understand the need to speak human and adult...and the lack of gift opening christmas morning. I think the past few christmases I've only opened a gift from my hubby and whatever my oldest made me at school. At least he loves me :)

Michelle said...

Yes, I love it now that Ashlea is old enough to really understand what I like. I still get lots of lotion, coffee cups and mouthwash. YEs, Millicent picked out mouthwash for me. I laughed so hard. It truly is the thought that counts when they are that little.