Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homeland Deals

There wasnt a lot to be had...and I was vacation shopping. But of note were 2 really good deals...
Honeysuckle ground turkey 10 for $10...you can buy as many as you want for a $1.00 each. These are usually about $3. If they are out get a raincheck. STOCK UP! These are just like hamburger without all the fat.

They had Cheesy Mac in a cup for .89. You should have a newspaper coupon for $1.00 off. So get 2 and you get 2 free. I'm pretty sure I got an overage, which means I made money on those cups. They arent things I would normally eat, but they are for vacation.

Also of note are the Quaker products. I found no coupons, beside the $3 off in their flyer. But if you were going to buy it anyway, it's a good deal.

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