Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free Movie Rentals

You can get 2 free strings attached...from Netflix .

Why is Netflix better than Blockbuster? I'll give you 5 reasons.

  1. They are cheaper.

  2. They didn't just pull a bait and switch. A while back you could trade unlimited movies at Blockbuster. Once they had our business they started limiting how many we could trade. (I'm still mad about this.)

  3. The turnaround time on movies is 3 days, where I am. I send it today, they receive it tomorrow, I get a new one on Wednesday. With Blockbuster it was always 4 days minimum, with some weeks taking longer.

  4. They ship the movies in the order they are in your queue. No, Blockbuster doesn't. We were watching the first seasons of ER a while back when we were with Blockbuster. They never sent the first tape of the first season because they didn't have it in stock at our nearest shipping center. NEVER SENT IT. That happened to us more than once. Netflix will send it (DUH) from another shipping center. That has happened too.

  5. The customer service is better.

We love to rent TV shows and watch them without commercial interruptions and weeks of waiting. Shows like Heroes and Lost which leave you with a cliffhanger EACH and EVERY week...we don't have to wonder what's going to happen, because we just push play...until the season end (bummer). We also watch ER this way and are fixing to start with X Files and The Office. If I can just convince everyone to watch Survivor with me.

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