Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nursing Strike


Still on a strike. But I had such a life-like dream last night that I still kinda think Asa has nursed. WOW, really real dream. Really, though, he is still striking. He continues to let me bring my breast to his mouth where he will taste the milk but that's about as far as we have gotten. This is probably the longest nursing strike on record. OR he has actually weaned and I'm out of touch with reality. DON'T tell me that. I have hope still...

My donor (thank you, thank you) gave me a pump. So far I've only scheduled in one pumping session, first thing in the morning. That's usually when Millicent nurses for a really long time. But now she doesn't mind letting me pump and she gets the leftovers. Yesterday I pumped around 8 oz, and today 6 1/2 oz. That's half a meal. YEP, he eats that much. If we use one bag of our donors milk (I call her my donor because I don't feel right using her name without her permission) and one bottle of what I'm pumping, that's pretty good. If I can fit in another session or two, I may be able to get enough for another bottle. We'll see if I can.

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