Friday, October 10, 2008

Family (and friends) Friday

I got to have a House Party over the weekend. Have you heard of it? Go to the website and apply! (Please invite me!) Basically you apply to the parties that sound fun to you. If you fit the profile, they'll let you have one. They'll send you stuff from the sponsor to share with your guests. I realize now that many people buy extra stuff to make the party more fun. If I get another one, that is what I will do. I invited about 18 people and only TWO showed up. Can you believe that??? Only TWO??? Fortunately they were two people who I really like.

We ate a nice meal together. Then we answered some trivia questions about green living. The winner got the full size spray bottle from Green Works.

I really like Green Works by Clorox (they recently bought out Burt's Bees, which I use for everything). I had been using it, before the house party, exclusively in the kitchen, but now I think I'll buy some additional products. The bottle we got to try smelled so good, like lemon or orange...can't remember which because I got it wrong on the trivia question....with the bottle right in front of me. I think next time I'll buy the scented bottle. They also gave us a CFL light bulb, two water bottles, and lots of coupons, all of which I shared with my TWO guests. (You guys should have come...see what you missed?)

So we divided up the loot and talked more about green living. Since it was just the three of us there our conversation, of course, turned to other things and we talked for some time.

I really enjoyed the party and love the products. It made sense that I would get this party since I am a greenie (no, not a dog biscuit), someone who lives a natural lifestyle. (Sorry Jill, just had to say that.)

Even though the party was fun, I think the best part of the night was watching my friend's son play with mine. They are best friends! They were born two months apart, and they really do like each other.

That's Asa on the left and Sammy on the right...and Sammy is younger...but to be fair to Asa, Sammy was born twice the size of Asa.

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