Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

I don't buy baby food in a jar. Why, you may ask? (Okay, maybe you don't ask, but I'll still tell you.) I don't buy baby food because I can make it cheaper (and more healthy).

I just have a hard time believing that store bought baby food can be as healthy, or as tasty, as homemade.

There are two ways to make baby food. The harder, although still rather convenient, way of heating and canning. And the easiest way is using the Food Mill.

It purees everything you put in it. You can serve baby whatever you eat; chicken, roast, green beans, peaches. Fresh, made at home, delicious food.Anything that makes my life easier (and cheaper) works for me.

(I also do lots of finger foods. I start early and I serve often. If it saves me time, I'm happy.)

1 comment:

Yara said...

I plan to make my own baby food too
and freeze it since I will make batches in the vitamix
I know there are recipes in there for baby food
so it should be all homemade for this little one sometime next year : D