Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Domperidone without prescription

Okay, I realize what I am about to post is a little different, but it's on my mind, and I want to help someone else.

I don't produce enough milk. Anyone reading my blog for any time knows that, as well as Asa is (STILL) on a nursing strike. But I decided to try to get my milk back up, with the help of Millicent, in hopes that more milk would bribe him into trying to nurse.

What works for me, to produce milk, is Domperidone, otherwise known as DPD. Without DPD I produce a few ounces of milk a day. I have no way to gauge this as I don't pump. But I can tell from when Millicent nurses she isn't getting much. She quits after only a few minutes and tells me the milk is gone. WITH DPD I feel let downs all the time, I have leakage issues (which to most people are just annoying), my breasts feel full, and Millicent nurses for longer times. So I know it's working.

I order DPD through an online pharmacy. It's not illegal. It can be had in America, at a compounding pharmacy, IF you can get a doctor to prescribe. Many doctors don't know about off-label prescribing, especially for something like low milk. But if you get it overseas at Inhouse Pharmacy then it is way cheaper than your pharmacy. It does take longer, more than 2 weeks, and can get held up in customs. But it is still cheaper. Compounded prescriptions usually aren't covered by insurance either. So this works.

I've tried other things, other herbs, other meds. Reglan worked for me, but can only be taken for 2 weeks. So I'm sticking with DPD. I take 150mg a day....that's 5 pills, 3 times a day. And I think I have enough milk to supply Asa all his daily needs...IF I can just get him to nurse.

So pray for me...and get some DPD if you have low milk.


Kim said...

Good to know! I don't have that problem, but I always like the information so I have it for others.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of that 3 years ago when I was nursing our second son. My mother told me to drink a beer. I know, but it worked. I pumped for 24 hours after it so he wouldn't get any trace alcohol from my milk, but something in the beer made my milk surge back in. Blessings, Whitney

Christy said...

yeah my mom has always said the drink a beer thing to if my milk gets low but it doesn't i think she said it was something about the yeast in the beer???

RainyPM said...

I've been lucky with both of my kids that when my supply starts getting low I just spend a day with almost non-stop nursing and I can get things back on track. Fortunately my kids play along, we haven't had too many nursing strikes.

Good luck with your little guy!

Lisa said...

Why don't you pump?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog and thanks for the compliment! Wish I could take credit for it, but my design was a (free!!) template from Check them out they have so many pretty ones its hard to choose! Blessings, Whitney

Michelle said...

Good question Lisa. I dont have a pump. Man, wish I had one. I will be hand pumping as time allows, but mostly Millicent will get to drink it.'s just now occuring to me how this could kill two birds with one stone here. Thanks!

Zac Riggs said...

I'm glad to see that it is working! Please let me know if you are going to continue on this for a while. My pharmacy compounds domperidone and we sell it for $49 for #120 20mg capsules with free shipping. Thanks for spreading the word about this valuable drug because it is not easy to find. Take care,