Thursday, September 11, 2008

1930's Marital Scale

Oh, those were the good 'ol days! I ran across this quiz while blogging. Some of the answers really crack me up. Take it and come back to tell me what you made.

Me: 104

Jeff (that I took for him): 162


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


Tara H. said...

i got an 82 - very superior

Jeff Johnson said...

You know me well. I got a 165, though, not a 162...maybe because I lied about not leaving my shoes in the living room.

Kim said...

I got a 102

Michelle said...

WAY to go ladies!

Jeff, you DO leave your shoes in the living room! And the getting drunk on the weekends lowered your score....just kidding.

Michelle said...

But I wasn't kidding about the shoes.

Yara said...

I got an 87... very superior

Lisa said...

I got a 124...Very Superior

Anonymous said...

I made a 104. -Dawn Ann

adeline said...

Haha dang I got a 24! That's not good! I guess I'm too mean to my husband and don't dress up enough!

Chantelle said...


That was funny!

I especially thought the "talks during cards" was funny!