Saturday, September 6, 2008

Urban Homemaker

Have you heard of them? You are in for a treat, if you are into the "hidden arts of homemaking". She has a fantasic catalog filled with wonderful, helpful products. The catalog has many useful recipes. It's almost like a magazine. Her prices are affordable.

She also sells organic/natural products like soup mixes. She also has tons of natural remedies. Wheat grinders, water purifiers, food mixers...the list goes on.

My favorite things though are the books. She has so many great books. A few of my favorites: Mother (which I bought for Ashlea for C-mas one year), Created to be His Helpmeet (a must read for any wife trying to be a better wife), Raising Maidens of Virtue (a fantastic Bible study for young ladies...someone tell me how to get Ashlea to do this with me???).

A few on my wish list: The Family Meal Table DVD (not exactly a book, I know), Praise Her in the Gates, The Power of a Praying Wife (I have several of her other books).

If you havent been over there I encourage you to have a look around here. If you decide to order anything, could you let Marilyn know I sent you?

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Linda said...

Thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out later.