Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

I do plan to scrapbook today. I need to get some pages done for Kori's album before her birthday. I think of it like part of their gift, to have new pages in their album. So I really need to do at least two. That is my goal...there I've said it. Two pages of Kori's album. Now cleaning shan't get in the way or babies or toddlers. HA! That's why I never get pages done. But I do have a goal....

Today I challenge you to do another All About Me page. Your challenge is to write about someone that is important to you. How have they changed you? What traits to you admire? How has your relationship changed through the years? Tell some special things about this person. Include memories or stories or just give a narrative on them. Use old pictures that havent found a page yet, or take a new one of just the two of you.

If you do the challenge, post here and link to your blog. If you dont have a blog, let me know.

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