Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Friday

I was going to continue to post about our homeschool days and our schedule but I'm going to postpone that until next week, as something more pressing is on my mind.

Have you ever heard of Tomato Staking? REALLY short explanation. Keep your kids with you ALL the time. (I encourage you to look around her site and learn more. She has really great advice.)

We decided a while back that we desire to keep our kids with us. What that means in the long term is that they dont spend the night away (except with family) and they dont go to public school. What that means in the short term is they stay with us at home, right beside us, throughout the day.

As they get older and more responsible, and less disobedient, they are allowed more freedom. They dont have to be beside us anymore. They can go to the bathroom by themselves, and have rest time in their rooms. But if a child is having obedience problems we go back to staking, intense tomato staking.

Which brings me back to the urgency of my post. Kati is being intensively staked. Somehow we let her disobedience get the better of her and before we knew it, she was disobeying at every turn. So the only way to help her is to stake her. Sounds easy, huh? IT'S NOT. It takes every ounce of my energy. I've related it to Jeff as trying to put a cat into a bag. YEP. That hard.

But I know that we have to do what's right for Kati, even if it's hard for me. I was just hoping for some encouragment. So if you have a child who, like Kati, would rather disobey than obey, feel free to post about what you do.

In the meantime, I don't even have a minute away from her. She's right here at my elbow so I can help her stay out of trouble.


Christy said...

lol i know what you mean i have started doing that some with cheyenne cause she has been getting in these crazy hormonal like moods and its helping alot!! but it can be hard cause she wants to do this and i want to do that but i am sure you know what i mean so far it seems to be working well thou..

Michelle said...

How old is she now? Wonder if it's the age?

Christy said...

shes 8 now and i totally think its the age!! what is katie now about 8?

Michelle said...

Yep, just turned 9.