Friday, August 15, 2008

Weight Watchers

I joined weight watchers a couple years before I married Jeff. I lost the weight and maintained at lifetime, almost, until I got pregnant with Millicent. (I got lax when I was trying to conceive.) While pregnant with Asa, and really BIG, I decided I would join again as soon as my milk was established. (My big mistake was not joining after I had Millicent. I had a lot of extra weight leftover from her pregnancy. I was just overall unhealthy.)

So I joined, and I'm doing great. Weight Watchers is so easy to follow. I'm averaging a pound a week. Its week 14 for me and I've lost 15 pounds.

Here is my "before" picture. (June 4, 08; our anniversary)

I had actually lost a few pounds in this picture.

Yesterday we had a really good meeting at Weight Watchers.
So here a few tips for anyone just starting or getting weary of losing weight or have hit a plateau.

1. Go to the meetings. They really are helpful. You hear tips about things that are pertinent to your weight loss. Sometimes you hear about really good products in your area and things to do to get some activity. You also get to know people who journey on the weight loss with you. It really helps to have that accountability. And the biggest reason is because you are going to weigh in (in front of only ONE person) and you are going to pay for that weeks' gain or loss.

2. Write down your points. You'd be surprised how much food goes into your mouth. If you don't write it down, you wont lose as much. When someone tells me they aren't losing on weight watchers, I ask if they are writing it down. The answer is usually no.

3. Drink all your water. It helps you stay full longer and keeps you from snacking on junk food. (I'm not good at this one.)

4. Don't eat the same foods every day for every meal. This can also cause a plateau. Change it up, don't get stuck in a rut. Enjoy your food.

5. Have a high day. This isn't a weight watchers tip. This one is all mine. I've seen that if I pick a high day then I lose better. Usually this works better if your high day is a weekend, a few days before your weigh in. By high, I mean use ALL your flex points that day. What I don't mean, is eat a whole cake. That's what we are trying to avoid with weight watchers. What I do mean is go out to eat with your husband and have the queso and chips, and then the soppapilla. YEA BABY! (Sorry, I love Mexican.) Or order the cheesecake, with your sensible grilled chicken. Have a soda and popcorn with the movie. Eat sensibly and don't worry about every point, for ONE day. It lets you have more freedom and you don't feel so restricted. I've actually read articles by celebrities who also do this. They eat good all week and have one day where they eat whatever they want.

6. Stay within your points all the rest of the days, filling up on healthy snacks and foods.

7. Be sure and get your 5 servings of fish and your single serving of liver, each day. Just kidding. They stopped doing that a long time ago.

In future weeks, I'll post more tips. Please don't hesitate to tell me what's been working for you.

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Christy said...

awesome on losing 15 lbs!!