Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ten Painless Ways to Save $100

Money Saving Mom had an article on ten painless ways to save, asking her readers to submit their own ideas. Even though I just had a few ideas on Monday, I can come up with more.

1. Wear your clothes more than once. I know this sounds weird. But if you don't wash your clothes every time you wear them you do two things. You save on the wear and tear on your clothes, thereby extending the life of your clothes, thereby not having to buy as many. And you save on washing, detergent and drying. Really how dirty do they get after one wear? Sometimes a lot dirty, but not usually.

2. Have a leftover day on Saturdays. Sounds simple, right? How many people end up throwing away a ton of food on grocery day because it went bad????? On Saturday lay ALL the food from the fridge out on the table and let the family help themselves. Saves you from having to cook too.

3. Get books from Paperback Swap (and use me as a referral because I get a free one) instead of buying new. All you are out is the price of postage.

4. To get more books for Paperback Swap pick them up at garage sales for a quarter.

5. Do the same with CD's and DVD's at Swap a CD and Swap a DVD. Never pay full price for a movie again....well almost. I still have to buy Little House on the Prairie for Christmas.

6. Find new and mostly new items at garage sales for gift giving. So far I've found a TON of books that will be given in stockings for the next several years. Asa is getting a wooden toy in like new condition, that I was going to buy him brand new at a much higher price. Pick up things here and there to make a gift basket (see #4 and 5) with movies/books, popcorn, soda, etc.

7. Only go to town once a week, when possible. I know I mentioned stay home in my other post, but this needs to be repeated. If more people continue to do less driving, the price of oil may stay down. The only way for oil to stay down is to use less oil. So go to town once and do all your errands on the same day, wherever possible.

8. Cut your children's hair at home. Its not that hard! Check out a book from the library or add it to your swap list (which I'm going to do right now, so you don't get on the list ahead of me, hehehe) to follow along with. If you mess up with your kids' hair its not that big of a deal.

9. Don't go to the casino. Don't buy lottery tickets. THEY ARE MONEY DRAINERS.

10. Keep your air up as high as you can stand it and stay running in and out.

Well my list isn't as good as some....but hey, my 17 year old helped.

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