Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Blog post

And there's a random picture for you too. That there is Asa at the ice skating rink.

Happy Thanksgiving. It's late, I know. But I took the week off and I'm just now saying it. Did you have a nice day/days/weekend/week? I know we sure did.

Jeff had several days off and the kids really get used to that. Our father in law was sick so we ended up staying home where my mother and sister in law cooked dinner. It was SO good. We just ate all day and played the Wii and goofed off and talked and read. It was great. I have not had a better Thanksgiving. It was also nice having Ashlea home.

On Friday Ashlea and I got up at the crack of dawn and we went shopping for Black Friday.


I got a bunch of games for $5.
Tons of stocking stuffers for $1.
Ashlea's Christmas dress for under $30.
Asa's Christmas outfit for under $20. (It was too small.)
A great meal at El Chico.

There was NOTHING left at Toys R Us by the time I got there.
The comforters I wanted from JC Penney were gone.
I was too tired to shop much more than that.
Watching Couple's Retreat.

Then Saturday we got family pictures made by our wonderfully talented Hannah. I haven't seen them yet. I cannot wait and the suspense is killing me. (She also took my very first set of maternity photos.) It was SO much better than JC Penney's or Sears. Where we all sit around for an hour and a half as we wait for our appointment time to come and go. Where none of the children are smiling and some of them are crying. Where some of them don't even want to get in the picture and you have to bribe them to even take one or two photos. Where you are extremely lucky to get ONE group shot with just the kids. Where all the photos look exactly alike: you sit here, put your hand on her shoulder, you sit here and here, smile at me. Good. Next pose, just like the first.

Oh, no, Hannah had fun with us. We even hung from a tree, those of us who weren't preggo, that is. Then, as is our tradition on picture day, we went to Cici's Pizza for lunch. YUMMO! Nothing compares. I cannot even tell you how many pieces of pizza I had, but I tried one of each, and several of my favorites. Then I had dessert.

Sunday found us at church and play practice.

Play practice, you ask? I'm in charge. Oh, I do so love being in charge. I know it's only kids, and I'm usually in charge of kids, but this is different. At the end, I SHOULD have something to show for it. I have some awesome help with the music though. I'm not gifted that way. I sound like, well, like a cat in heat, in a bag, with a dog attacking it. Yep, that's me.

Asa won't potty on his chair. When I ask, he laughs.

Millicent and Asa are attached at the hip. Those two are the best of friends. Yesterday Millicent went with Dad and Ashlea to take her back to her house, and he asked about Millicent a bazillion times.

Speaking of Ashlea, you should have seen Asa's excitement when she returned on Friday, after shopping all day. He was jumping up and down. (I didn't even know he could jump.) Screaming for Ash-ish. They sure do love her. Last night, at bedtime, Mill got into the bed with me and leaned on my shoulder and said, "I miss Ashlea". Come back soon Ashlea. Or I won't be giving you Christmas presents...okay, but really, no stocking stuffers. Or fudge. Or cookies. And I mean it!

I'm finally figuring out Twitter, no thanks to you. Well thanks to you Kelly, and some random stranger I met on Twitter. I'm still learning. One thing I wonder about is why don't people follow me when I follow them. Now Facebook is different. It's my friends and family and high school buds. People I know. There is so much traffic on there. But Twitter seems different. Is it just me? There are contest posts and links to blogs and random updates. So when I follow someone I want them to follow me. I want 200 followers. Can someone tell me how to get that many?

While I've been figuring out Twitter I've also been attending Twitter parties. AND I WON a gc from Cyber Monday. YEA me! I'm loving Twitter now. And they have this awesome Tweet deck that makes it super easy to keep up with the party, thereby winning awesome prizes.

I watched New Moon with my girlfriends. Thanks gals! Sometimes they leave me out...just sayin'. But not this time. I invited myself and no one was going without me. You just can't watch New Moon alone...and NO, going with my husband was not an option. The movie was SOOOO GOOOD!! Better than the first, by FAR. And we all loved the ending. Did you?

SURVIVOR!!! Have you been watching? Russell, Russell, Russell. I KNEW it. I just want to point out this post here where I call Russell as winning the game. He's a master! HOLY CROW! I just don't have words. Okay, yes I do. SPOILER: He's found three of the idols with no clue. Really! He has manipulated everyone into voting out whoever he wants. I mean, his team was DOWN by several and he has it totally flipped now. I've never seen it. And besides, you can't trust a thing that comes out of his mouth. Oh, and I also enjoyed watching them eat a rat.

Guilty pleasure: Watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading camp. (I KNOW.)

We are having school for a few more weeks because a baby is coming. But I am ready for a break. Every day, ready. But I can manage another two weeks before taking off. And Advent sure makes it fun.

Don't forget to check every day for the Advent post...which is below this one.

I hope to have a baby soon. Like tomorrow or something.

Millicent's new thing is to constantly sing, talk and read about poop and pee. Yea. According to her newest song poop is good to eat.

Meanwhile, Asa's new thing is to stick his finger in his nose. And if you tell him to remove it, he just laughs. And puts it back. The sweetie pie will kiss me if I tell him he hurts me though. And he's just as cuddly as ever. But nowadays, he actually will play instead of just sitting on my lap. I am sure that will change when the baby comes. That is why tandem nursing rocks!

That wasn't nearly random enough. Sorry.


Mrs. Stam said...

Thanks for all the update and *poop is good to eat* LOL and Gag!!!! Your family sounds like tuns of fun!!!! Oh I wish to be able to meet you in person one of those days :-)

I updated my blog now 11 weeks pregnancy belly pictures. and also pregnancy and Breastfeeding why I did have to supplement with formula :-(

Mom's Place said...

I've missed reading your blogs! I kind of took the weekend off to! Can I just say, that you are very brave to do Black Friday while pregnant! I didn't dare venture out this year with fear that I would loose my mind! No matter what I would have had to taken the baby, nursing while pushing a cart AND fighting the crowds didn't seem appealing this year! Great BF finds!

Yara said...

you are insane for black friday shopping. Or maybe that is the ONE perk of living in middleofnowhereville
; )
New Moon
I took my husband (he loved it) and my sister, and we had to take the baby. Gotta see it again. Will probably go alone, which I think is fine. Can't wait for the dvd, and also, Eclispe comes out right around my birthday next year : D
And, the ending- loved it. I loved all of it
you should have seen me tho, sticking my boob in baby's mouth every few minutes to keep him quiet. It was quite hilarious.
what else... survivor. Man, even if I want to watch, I don't. I have it all on the dvr and have seen a few episodes. Not all of it though. And you know I'm only watching til Jayson is gone, anyway ; )

Kelly said...

Happy to help! I have no idea how to get more followers, besides letting everyone in the world let you know you're on twitter. Just wait till the spam/porn kicks in. Then you'll have a ton of followers in no time.

Helen said...

New. Moon. Rocked!

It was SO so SO much better than the first one! I'm such a werewolf fan, lol, and this one didn't disappoint me, that's for sure.

I'm glad to see you're still doing good even at 8 months! I can't wait to see the new pics :D

Lena said...

Wow! you had a busy week. And shopping on black friday is not for me, I hate the long lines and just too crowdy (is that a word?) for me... but if you tend to enjoy it why not? :))

EMILY G. said...

love it!!! can't wait to see your family pictures and maternity pictures.... hope you share!! and oooohhhh wasn't new moon great!!!! LOVED IT!!!!

Amy McBride said...

Apparently you are not the only one that gets left out. I was not invited to go see New Moon. Oh well I guess I'll have to take your lead and start inviting myself.

Okie Rednecks said...

You should find me on twitter. my "name" is alisha41481.