Monday, November 30, 2009

The Advent season is here!

I have lots of our traditions in my archive. So feel free to browse around if you are interested. I won't be getting into that much this year, since I did last year.

I've decided for this year's Christmas posts I'll post what we are doing each day of Advent. I will also continue to do my pregnancy updates (and a live version if I go into labor) and Writer's Workshop and whatever else I feel like doing. But you can count on the day by day Advent update. And hey, it's my blog, whatcha gonna do? You don't have to read all the posts. Yes, you do, you might miss something.

So let's get started!

First, Advent actually started yesterday. Advent is NOT the month of December. It is the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Do it right, people. Oh sorry. I get a little carried away.

Each morning we read:

Christ in Christmas: A Family Advent Celebration

It has a story on Sunday, a song each day, and a scripture passage for the day, leading up to Christ's birth.

Each evening we read:

It's different enough that we get a whole new look. It also has songs, a brief story and some questions to go along with the readings.

Then we read:

This is actually a trilogy. Last year we read Jotham's Journey: A Storybook for Advent and they also have Tabitha's Travels: A Family Story for Advent (Jotham's Journey Trilogy)for a mere $100. Sure hope the price goes down on that one soon.

These books are the highlight of our Advent readings. They are seriously GOOD! Each night ends with a cliffhanger that has everyone begging (including my husband) to just read one more page, just in case we get behind a night. I never give in.

Each morning we start the day with lighting the candle(s) and our reading. Then another child announces how many days till Christmas and reads our Advent activity for the day. Someone blows out the candle.

That evening we do it all again, only someone gets to unwrap a present (AKA a Christmas book or movie that was previously wrapped).

I go through the Advent activities and prepare them based on our calendar for the month, so nothing overlaps. For instance, we live 30 miles from town. I try to make any in-town events, that we already have planned, overlap with our Advent activity for the day. Saves gas. Yes, I'm frugal that way. I also know we have church on Wednesday so we can't do much that evening. I'd love to say here that we also have Monday night dinners with the grandparents, but the grandparents canceled on us. BOO!

So each day I will post that days activities. Yes, I said that already, but I figured you'd forgotten since I got so sidetracked with everything else.


26 Days till Christmas (Which, by the way, my cards say 27 because I counted wrong.)

Decorate the house

I think no description is needed. Right?

25 days till Christmas

Make paper chains and snowflakes

This really doesn't need a description either, but, well, you know me. Long winded.

We hang our chains all over the kitchen along with the snowflakes. On the windows, the walls and the ceiling. Ever see Elf? We aren't that good...but yea, it's a winter wonderland. I know there are moms out there cringing. I feel you. But honestly, every time I walk into the kitchen it brings a smile to my face. REALLY. And it's just fun to sit in there for a few hours and make them.

Now please join me for Advent this year and update us with each days activities, or just steal mine. It's not actually stealing when I offer it to you.


Mrs. Stam said...

wow you are so organized!!! I barely keep up to cleaning, cooking keeping the girls in order. You are a inspiration to me :-)

One of the Stam's tradition during advent is signing advent hymns (not Christmas one) after supper, my husband is flowing his fathers steps and after time in the word and prayer we sings a couple hymns.

Mom's Place said...

Goodness! I love your enthusiasm! How about you come help me decorate my house???? Decorating + Renovating = Interesting!

We will make our paper chains tonight! Each girl needs one you know!

Yara said...

this information would have been a little more useful to me YESTERDAY!
Now I'm a day late so whats the point of doing something if you aren't gonna do it right.
really Michelle, next year, remind in, say, late October, to prepare for Advent. Okay?
Sounds fun. Once I bought one of those little calendars with chocolates inside, and kept forgetting to give Lisa her candy on the right day, so I'd have to go eat 3 or 4 pieces in secret for her to do the right day & countdown. Um... yeah... LOL

adrienzgirl said...

We don't do things every day, but we try to make it special when we do. We are making snowflakes this week. We decorate them with glitter too! :D

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great thing to do! I hope I remember it when my boy gets older.