Friday, September 25, 2009

Survivor--Ketchup sandwiches and Kool aid

First of all I want to start by saying I was NOT going to watch this season of Survivor. I can't get CBS since the digital transition, I can't watch it in and it takes forever to stream it off SO I had given up.

But then I made a slight error in my calculations. I went to the CBS website, JUST to see who was playing. Purely, for interest's sake. I had no intentions of watching it.

Here is what I found after reading about the players:

I liked Ben. He claimed he would play with morals.

Betsy had 21 years of sobriety and four kids. I thought she could make it to the final four.

Brett had a clothing line of environmental shirts and reminded me of Brendan (Bear Naked...and OH MY GOODNESS have you had one of their bars?????) so I liked him. I thought he could make it to the final four.

Dave who graduated from Jeff's Alma Mater, OSU, in opera. I thought he could make it to the final four.

Jaison is at Standford studying law. He played water sports.

Kelly looked like a free spirit...and I always root for those. I thought she could make it to the final four. (So? My final four are more than four.)

Laura claimed to be a Christian and I always support my fellow Christians, unless they are really annoying and rude...who can support that?

Marissa came from a family with EIGHT children. HAD to support her, especially since she went abroad and helped the poor. What a sweet girl!

I liked Mike who was the oldest contest this season and a personal chef. Not sure what struck me.

And lastly, I read about Russell H building his own multi million dollar company, with four children of his own, and I KNEW Russell would win this game.

But I still wasn't going to watch.

Who am I kidding? Once I saw the contestants and decided who I liked I began frantically trying to watch it. To no avail. There is no way to watch it in THIS house.

Let me interject here....every year I call my final four and my winner, and I'm usually right. If you read my synopsises (is that a word???) from last season you knew I was very wrong about sometimes I AM WRONG. But NOT usually.

Finally, we asked the in laws and I streamed it off CBS and watched last nights episode at their house.

So here we go. Some observations from the first episode:

I loved it when they picked teams and Jaison got picked to swim. I knew he was a great swimmer!

I called Russell H as my winner before ever watching the first episode and I can see he will/can get far. He just has to be more careful. The man is devious. WOW! And obviously those four kids of his are from all different moms because who would marry this man? He's crazy. But he does have four kids and that explains that.

WHO was the guy in the blue bikinis, on Foa Foa, during the immunity challenge? I mean, didn't he KNOW he was going on Survivor and would need to strip down to his underwear....didn't he have any presentable underwear?

Bummer about Marissa.

So then last night I made a few more observations:

First of all....IT WAS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that Russell found the immunity idol. RIDICULOUS. Yes, I called him as the winner, but that doesn't mean I like the man. I cannot believe he found it. RIDICULOUS. See, he really can win this.

I love the format of the season....the way they are doing the challenges and the twists.

I'm not loving Ben so much. What happened to him playing with morals. That went right out the window when he kicked the other guy in the leg. NO HE DIDN'T JUST TRIP him. He KICKED him....HARD.

I didn't have rewind on the TV last night so I wasn't able to experience the full effect of the Ultimate Fighting Championship that was their challenge. I would have loved to re watch the kicks, strangle holds and slaps.

And then...bummer about Mike. Too old. But hey, my blood pressure gets that low. What's the big deal?

Yasmin. Oh Yasmin. I didn't call her. No wonder.

I cracked up when Ben said: "She is ghetto trash....eating ketchup sandwiches and drinking Kool aid."

I mean, you had to laugh right. RIGHT?

What was her problem anyway? IT was a GAME, dude. UH YEA, he's gonna tackle you...that was the point. If you can't take it, go HOME.

And evidently Ben doesn't care who likes him because he was chopping wood while they were all trying to sleep. Now I don't know about you, but I was annoyed just in those few seconds. Can you imagine trying to sleep while he was chopping wood? HOW ANNOYING. Oh my. Thankfully no one was chopping wood in my bedroom last night. Snoring logs, but not chopping. (And that would be me. I know this because I wake myself up.)

I didn't call the doctor, but I'm liking him and he will make it to the final four. (I am allowed to change my mind. It's my computer and my blog.) He's quiet and diplomatic and has won all his teams allegiances.

Bummer about Betsy. I really liked her.

Lastly. Did you see the previews for next week? WHO was wearing leg warmers with his bikini underwear?

And then Russell says: "Whatever I want, happens." Cocky much?


Just Jennifer said...

Grats on being a featured blogger :D

foxy said...

I was out last night, so i haven't watched the show yet, but i'll be watching it tonight and we can catch up after. Glad i have someone to share it with, sitsta!!

And i'm just sayin, i love being a part of SITS for exactly this reason! Being able to find another blogger that you connect so well with is SO DANG COOL!

Have a great weekend!

The Royal Family said...

So glad survivor is back on to read your thoughts. I am glad you went an gave in to watch. I cracked up at the ketchup and kooliad too. LOL and your waking yourself up that's funny too. I cannot stand Russel I have already called him some names I may not be proud of, he drives me nuts. Also marisa was my husbands player in this game I play with my extended family so that's sad. I have Jaison so lets hope he can do better than expecetd thank heavens he can swim.

Congrats on your day. Hope today you feel wonderful!

Vashti said...

I LOVE SURVIVOR!!!! We are couple of seasons behind here in South Africa and the temptaion to get on CBS website archives or on youtube to find out the winner is HUGE...but I have yet to do either!
I love your blog and your kids are adorable, cant wait to see the next one ;-)
have a wonderfully Blessed SITS day.

Vashti said...

I LOVE SURVIVOR!!!! We are couple of seasons behind here in South Africa and the temptaion to get on CBS website archives or on youtube to find out the winner is HUGE...but I have yet to do either!
I love your blog and your kids are adorable, cant wait to see the next one ;-)
have a wonderfully Blessed SITS day.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Kay, you're gonna freak but last week I watched Survivor for the 1st time ever! So I saw that episode with Russell and he is totally the Survivor villain!!! Creepy!

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats on your SITS Day! Yay!
You have a wonderful blog. ;)

Stephanie Faris said...

Sounds like you're hooked!

I used to watch Big Brother. Never missed a season...then this summer I realized it was 3 hours a week...and no way would my boyfriend watch it with me. So I just decided it was time to cut ties since I liked to watch TV with him and we find things we both like. It's not a bad habit to break, I feel!

The Acting Mom said...

Congrats on being FB. I'm 6 months preggo as well!

Lydia C said...

Grats on being FB! I have to tell you, I dearly peed myself with the Kool Aid comment. I could not believe that he said that. Do you think this season is a little fixed? I mean, Russell found the idol, the fighting. It just seems a little too unreal. But I hope it's like this all season.

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

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Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I like Survivor too. My son and I watch it and we even play Fantasy Survivor where you get to pick who you think is going to win challenges or get voted off or whatever. It's really fun! I think I've watched almost every season of it. The Apprentice too. I don't know why I like those shows, I just do.

Helen said...

You know, I think the most I have ever watched Suvivor was when I went to my gramma's house, and that was nearly a year ago. But reading this, I have to wonder... what am I missing? Maybe I should go check it out... :D

KrysTros said...

Every year I say I am not going to watch Survivor or Big Brother but my husband forces me to watch so now I have an opinion. I do not like the bald headed guy Russell. Do not like Yasmin. I tried to remain uninvolved with the show as much as possible so I don't know the other ones......yet. I am sure next week the hubby will make me watch it AGAIN!

Collette said...

Hi! I stopped over from the SITS blog. I like your blog. Your Survivor post is really good. I watch Survivor, less & less every year, but I still try to catch some good episodes. Yesterday's was a good one. Loved the ghetto, ketchup sandwiches, & kool-aid comment. I live very close to Detroit so it made a lot of sense to me...LOL!

New Mommy!!! said...

I am new to SITS. Congrats on being the featured blogger. I read your "a day in the life of." You are a beautiful person,and God bless you for having so many beautiful babies. God bless you and your family! Don't you just adore beiong pregnant?! I loved it more than anything. I miss being prenant all the time! I would love to have a whole brood of Garretts! Just have to convince my husband! Good luck to you and your new little bun in the oven, new addition to your family. I would love to use cloth diapers. I wish they were cheaper. Ouch! they are expensive. In the long run, I know they pay off. Working towards finding some at a discount. At least when the pumpkin is home with us!

Jen said...

I am so excited to find a fellow blogger who LOVES Survivor. I have a few posts on my blog about our Survivor routine. We LOVE this show. Will be checking back often to see what you say about he players. I really hope Russell doesn't win...

Ms. Mama said...

Stopped by from SITS, and I am wondering about the pregnancy. My husband and I planned ahead, we knew that we'd want more. But, quite frankly aren't really able to handle more,

Good for you. I love baby wearing, cloth diapers, breast feeding, homeschooling and homebirthing.


Ashley said...

I'm so glad somebody else loves Survivor too! I'm totally addicted and I love watching every season. Your recap is awesome! I really hate Russell but I think you're right he will go really far, and I really hate Ben too. Such jerks!

T~T said...

happy SITs feature day!

Yara said...

darn you scuba steve!
now I'm tempted to watch
because, and only because,
I went to high school with a guy named Jaison- who happened to be on the water polo team, and you made me curious to see if it might be the same guy.
thanks a lot Michelle
: P

Yara said...

Okay, I had to go check my yearbook. I am 99.9% sure this is the same guy I went to high school with.
How do you feel about that Michelle?
I went to high school with a Survivor (cast member? competitor?)
And now... I shall go set my dvr to record the season.

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

I am a Survivor FANATIC to! And thank goodness for DVR because I never get to watch it at 8pm. If that evil Russell wins, I might get very discouraged. He is loony! And Yasmin is now on my list of crazies too.

Mel said...

You have a blog award over at my blog.:)

a H.I.T. said...

Happy SITS! Husby and I are obsessed with this show. Russel is our favorite love to hate player right now. Sometimes we can't stand him, sometimes he cracks us up because he is so darn crazy. Can't wait to watch tomorrow's episode :)

Stephanie said...

Check my blog---I gave you an award!

Happy Friday!

♥ Katinka said...

Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS :)!!!!

Anonymous said...

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