Friday, July 10, 2009

Book Reviews

I have read a LOT of books over the last two weeks. I'm going to review what I've finished, though I have several more I am currently reading. What are you reading???? If you are interested you can get free copies of these books from Paper Back Swap. And there's always Amazon.

I think this one was probably my favorite lately. It's about a young man who has a disease that won't allow him to be in sunlight. He prowls around at night. His town is going crazy and his mom may be to blame. One night a child disappears. The rest of the story is him and his friends trying to find the child.

This book starts off fast and finishes well. The entire story is action packed and crazy. I don't like scary books/movies. This was not. A little creepy, yes, but in a good way. Not in a...lock your door because there is a demon in your driveway looking in your windows...kind of way. The characters are well formed and I was quickly attached to them all. There is actually a first book which I have not read, but am adding to my Paperback Swap queue, called Fear Nothing. Plus, BONUS, there is a third in the series. Definitely worth your time. Just remember it is a little other worldly (fantasy maybe) but nothing too crazy.

I love the Harmony books. They are so fun and refreshing. This is the third book in the series. These can easily stand alone, but it makes it nice if you read them in order. I personally love this series. The Harmony books are about a really small town and the people in it. Their craziness, the rudeness and the love they show each other. The narrator is the pastor of a church, where he is not appreciated. These books are clean. I do not have a single complaint about them. You will love them!!

Okay, don't really click on that book because it won't take you anywhere. It's just an image from the Birthing From Within website. (Although do visit the website.) I have mixed feelings on this book. On the one hand she has some amazing statistics that I didn't know, and therefore MOST people don't know. (Because I am ALL knowing about birth, of course.) On the other hand she seems to be a little too medically minded.

I loved the chapter on medications in labor. She goes into great detail where doctors NEVER do. She informs the reader that epidurals are NOT without side effects to the baby and mom. Have you ever seen the baby show (or worse, been in this situation) where the doctor says the mom is getting a fever and if we don't get the baby out soon they'll have to do a c-section. What the doctor fails to mention is that the epidural is CAUSING the fever.

I love that the book's premise is showing women that they are capable of having the kind of birth THEY want, even if it is a birth with meds. However, she does encourage all women to work towards a med free birth. SO DO I. I know there are pain medications to make it easier. But it is so much better without. YOU CAN DO IT. Our bodies were designed to give birth.

This book is excellent for any woman who had a labor that did not turn out the way they wanted and still have some regrets over it. This will help you to heal and move on. It is especially helpful to encourage women to go for a med free birth. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, read this book.

This book could have been really good. It's about a man who finds out YEARS after his girlfriend died that his son is NOT his son. The rest of the book is his journey on finding the "real" father. Sounds good, right? You'd be wrong.

There was too much philosophy for me. (Not Christian philosophy either.) There was too much rated R content. There was too much scientific content. There was too much and not quite enough. Yes. That's all I can say. I didn't like it.

Ah, Jenny McCarthy, love her or hate her. I love her. She has a great writing style and I find her sense of humor much like my own. She is a little crude, and WAY WAY open, but still nice to read. If you have read her pregnancy book you know that she is frank. This book is the same. She goes into much detail on many things...maybe too much. But again, I loved it. This book is about her life with her husband and how it ended. I look forward to her next installments on her life.

I started Dr. Sears Vaccine book but quickly became disinterested when he encouraged EVERY SINGLE VACCINE, whether science proved we needed it or not. What really got me was the erroneous information about a certain vaccine. I will try to get back to you on this book though.

Read any of these? Disagree with my review?


Rhonda said...

Oh, I so could have used this review a couple of days ago when I went to spend my Chapters gift card!! lol

I am currently reading Drowning Ruth, which is, so far, an okay read.

Next on the queu is The Art Of Racing In The Rain, which is Ronda's Rants book club book this month.

I also just finished a book that was FABULOUS, but can you believe that I can't for the life of me remember it or what it was about? lol Maybe it wasn't THAT good... lol (Oh! Last Gasp by last name Cassidy.)

Yara said...

I read the Twilight series. All 4 books. In about 2.5 weeks (had to go slow cuz well, I have kids to take care of)
LOVE them!!! <3

on your last 2 books- yeah, the Jenny one was cute. and
I TOLD YOU the vaccine book is bad. Get the other one I told you about.
: )

Susan Cook said...

Sound like interesting books. I haven't read any of those though. I'll have to check them out.

I just finished a book called "No Angel," by Penny Vincenzi.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.