Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Blog Post and Silliness

Random picture of Asa. Whenever he sees you taking pictures he wants to "SEE!" He says it clear as day. Cracks me up every time because he points with that finger of his.

I don't really have anything important to share. (Do I ever?) So I thought I would just give some updates.

Random picture of Hannah (and some random boys) at camp playing poker for cotton balls.

We all have colds. Remember I told you we went to camp? Well Hannah was the designated photographer since I barely even opened my camera case. (I don't even know who took that picture of Hannah but it was on my camera.) She took some awesome photos. I wanted her to give them to me to put on my computer, so I could blog about it. She's usually right on top of that. But she forgot to bring her stuff to church, so I didn't get them and she's now gone to ANOTHER camp. I couldn't blog about camp because everyone knows you have to have pictures to blog. So back to what I was saying. One of the things we picked up at camp was a cold. How about that? Asa, of course, got sick. And he's still sick. That boy gets EVERYTHING. I'm ready for him to stop getting sick all the time. I thought once summer came we'd have it made. But no, still another cold. Last night the cold got on top of me and my throat hurts and my nose is running like sieve and my head hurts. Boohoo me. Everyone else already felt like that...but now it's me and that's what matters.

Ashlea spent the weekend with us. She got her hair dyed actual pretty shade of red. If she weren't sleeping I would take a picture. And if she would let me take a picture I would take a picture. But we all know teenagers don't like their pictures taken. Even though they will never be as beautiful (or thin) as they are right now.

Here is Asa shaking his head just doesn't quite capture the essence of the cuteness.

Asa is finally shaking his head yes to things. It's really cute too. He also loves to play ball. All I can do is tell you because the pictures don't do it justice.

I know the picture is small but I took it on my phone and cannot figure out how to make it bigger. This is Millicent at her first class, walking across the beam. She's in purple at the front.

Kori, Kati and Millicent started gymnastics last week. Some of them are better than others, but I guess I shouldn't say who. Millicent was really nervous, of course. A few minutes before the class was finished I told her I was getting a drink and let her stay by herself. At first she followed me out but we convinced her to stay and practice.

Did I ever tell you how much Millicent loves cereal? She's like a crack addict. She won't eat anything else in the house until all the cereal is gone. She wants it for breakfast, lunch, supper and several snacks a day. GOOD GRIEF. I try to buy it and sneak it in so someone else can have cereal but she's usually the one who goes into the store with me.

I've got more sad news about me. I haven't been out of the house by myself in several weeks. And before that it had been several months. ANYWHERE. By. Myself. Sad, right? I mean, not even to the grocery store. I love my kids. Obviously love spending time with them...I homeschool them. But sometimes, every once in a while, I would like to go somewhere without ANY of them. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. Having a date more than once a month would be nice too. EITHER would make me giddy with delight.

I haven't scrapbooked in months either. I've got to do a few pages with birthdays coming up. It's part of their birthday celebration.

Millicent is officially weaned. She's still not sleeping in her bed all night though. She WAS. But then she slept (LITERALLY) at my feet at camp and now she wants to sleep with us again. We looked at dogs on Saturday and then she slept in her bed again that night. So maybe the key is to look at dogs every day. What am I talking about you ask? We told her when she starts sleeping in her own bed every night, which is STILL in our room, she can have a dog.

I thought I would wean Asa from the bottle but you know what? Why make my life harder than it is? He only takes it at rest time and bed time. And he goes to sleep with the thing. If I wean him how will I EVER get the boy to sleep. No, I think I'll just wait. Is five too old? Do you wonder why I love my 3 1/2 year old enough to nurse her till she was ready to wean but my 18 month old son has to have a bottle?

We haven't done school in a few weeks. (Is that random enough for you?)

I'm sure Asa is eating dirt here.

But we have been going to the lake and swimming and cooking hot dogs which is much better than having school.

I watched two movies this weekend. Push, which is so lame, please don't waste two hours of your life watching it. Usually Jeff will call out the inconsistencies in movies and drive me crazy but, no, this time they were GLARINGLY obvious. It just didn't make sense most of the time. There were serious holes in this movie. Then last night I watched the Day the Earth Stood Still. It was decent, but all greeny and save the Earth type stuff. Tonight we are going to watch Slumdog's gotta be better, right?

Well I guess that's all I have to say. What's up with you?

Don't forget my razor giveaway. It's still going on until Wednesday. (Then I'll have a pregnancy giveaway. I'm so excited about it.) I do not have ONE picture of someones hairy legs. Come one peoples!!!! Show me the leg!


Mommys Online Garage Sale said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog Michelle. You have a beautiful Family!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Great update! I love that it is so filled with stuff about your family!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What gorgeous blue eyes, your kids are beautiful!! And I hope you get better soon!!!

Rose said...

I should take a pic of my hairy legs....but just can't its tooo icky. and plus I am about to shave. I have to wear shorts today. All your updates just make me laugh; I guess we have the same sense of humor. I liked slum dog millionaire, but I aso saw it at thetheater. Sometimes that makes it better. Probably because you are out and probably, maybe, without kids (?)!
I am turning my older blog into a blog scapbooking book. just been toooo lazy to do it. I think the website is blog blurt. something like that. They just copy everything and put it in a nice lil book. I am not sure about how much it costs. But I am going to do it one of these days... I have friends that do it every year. The also do it themselves and have posts on how to do it but I have been too lazy to read them too. LOL!

Unknown said...

cute pictures! i can't believe how big asa is last time i saw you he was just bearly in your belly =) i remember thinking i was prego then also lol! so do you think you are gonna have another boy or girl?