Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sister Sister

It's such a blessing to have siblings who are close in age. But it's just as much of a blessing to have sisters who are far apart in age. 

This picture was taken when Millicent was about two.  You can just see the love she has for Ashlea.

She STILL does.  She adores Ashlea.

When Ashlea is around she wants to be right there with her.  And when she is gone she misses her so much.

Now I've got two more daughters forming the same kind of bond.   These bonds can't be broken by time and space.

These younger sisters will always look up to these older sisters.  They are like a mom to them; a second mom.

Jerusha will reach for Kori when I'm holding her.  She won't let other people take her from Kori's arms.  She adores her.

Some day they will be more than little siblings to their big sisters, they will be friends.

These girls have important roles to fill for their little sisters.  They are doing a great job.

(Kori loves to go to the store for us.  So I asked her to get some bread and she offered to take Juice and wondered if she could wear her in the sling.  So instead we got out the Ergo.  Which, surprisingly, FIT her.)

I am so blessed!

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Yara said...

You are an amazing mother. I'm sure Jeff does a great job as a dad, as well... but you're with them more, so I'm gonna give you a teensy bit more credit here.
Love like that doesn't just happen. If you weren't showing them love, teaching them how to love each other...
You are doing an amazing job with those beautiful kids.