Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy first birthday, Jerusha

Yes, we have three, I said THREE, birthdays in January.  My mother in law has four grandchildren and a daughter born in January.  Evidently April is a busy month.

Jerusha (and Asa) fight me every morning when I try to dress them which is why they are usually just in diapers. Do I get the bad mom of the year award now?  

Moments after she was born

Sweet baby.  Taking her first bath with mommy.

Snuggling with brother.

We love you Jerusha.


Yara said...

Happy birthday, Jerusha!
Gosh, I can't believe she is one...time flies.
Birth story recap & pictures of the day would be lovely.

And um, that Christmas background... You sure like tom plan ahead! Christmas is 11 months away, and you're already getting ready!

Michelle G said...

Um...diaper and teething necklace is the uniform of choice at our house...of COURSE you get moty award! :)
Face it - if we could get away with it we would dress like that too :)
But for me....the baby fat rolls on Malachi's legs are WAY cuter than the ones on my legs LOL
;) lol
Happy Birthday to your little one - Ours turns 1 thursday :)