Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day seven of Advent-Well hello, I'm a sock

I actually saw today's Advent activity on someone else's blog and I feel terrible that I can't remember where.  If you are out there reading this, please claim credit.  Or if you know the blog it came from please let me know.

Make something out of a sock for someone, as a gift.  Now there are no limits to this.  Use as much time and energy as you need to do this.  We've only had one completed so far and it was a coin purse and am arm band.  I'm hoping to come up with something really, really, creative so everyone bows down the master.  I mean, likes what I made.  Another reason for someone to tell me whose blog I stole this from.

Today's blessing jar:

Rub someones feet. 

We tried to watch Elf last night, and guess what?  Can't.  Can't watch movies from America over here in Singapore.  CAN you believe that???  I'm assuming that's just DVD's and all those VHS we left behind, we could be watching over here.  So now I have two Christmas movies to watch. Someone PLEASE, PLEASE tell me they play Rudolph and Frosty over here.  It looks like we won't be watching much else.

And if you know of a place that ships movies, games and toys for free, please let me know.

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Stephanie Faris said...

My stepdad is from England and he had to buy a PAL-compatible VCR to play all his tapes from home. He has a friend over there who sends him tapes of everything.