Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Ten days to go-It's a Winter Wonderland

"Take a picture of this mommy". I get that a lot.  Lots of pictures of rocks and sticks but the first one of a snowman.

Today's activity:

Movie day:  Watch Christmas movies all day long, eat pizza, popcorn and candy and drink Coke.

Today's blessing:

Memorize a verse to recite to everyone.

No craft today because of movie day.  But my kids have been hard at work turning our house into a winter wonderland.  I'll show you some pictures tomorrow.

Question:  Do you think my numbers are off?  It's nine days till Christmas Eve, right?  (Assuming it's currently Wednesday that you are reading this.)  Or is it ten days? I get confused every year. Okay, every day.  I'm always confused, but let's stick to Advent and solve this.

And while I'm on here, let me introduce you to a company called Bed Bath store.  While I have not done business with them they have sponsored this post.  While perusing their website I did find some things I like:

New Bedding by Textrade....which oddly enough, looks very much like the one that came with our house.  

New products by Fun Furnishings -The Princess Chair...come on, I have five daughters, I need this chair.

New products by Taylor and Company -Holiday Snowmen doormat (last one on the page)...and seriously, if it had one more snowman on it I would get it.  (I have five kids at home still.)  We take our shoes off at the door, as is the custom in Asia, so we don't really need a doormat.  But, you know me, and all things Christmas.

Thanks Bed Bath store.

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Kelly said...

It has 5 snowmen on it. One is upside down.