Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent 11 days to go-And there is glue everywhere

Yes, my kids are hams.  I want to eat them up, too.  Except Kori...too greasy.  Just kidding.

Today's advent:

Living nativity

This should be fun because Asa has been a super hero and a rabbit lately.  So we'll see if we can get him to be the donkey or sheep.


Tell someone how much you love them.


Make a candy cane out of tissue paper wrapped around a pencil.

I have pictures to make this a little more clear.  I buy the tissue paper pre-cut from Oriental Trading. (Here is a set of 5000 for $1.49.)  Kori absolutely loves this craft and takes hours to make hers perfect.  Millicent starts off great but after a few minutes decides it's too hard. And Kati never finishes hers either.  Meanwhile, (as you will see in the pictures) Asa just sticks his pencil in the glue and rubs glue everywhere...but it keeps him entertained. And who am I to care if there is a mess to clean up.  Hey, life's messy.

Here he is getting glue all over the pencil.  I'm not real sure what he thought this craft was.

See?  Glue everywhere.  And please note the tissue paper inside the little compartments there.  Don't ask me why...I have no idea.  There is, however, one piece of tissue paper glued to his sheet.

Okay, wrap the tissue around the pencil.

Dip it in glue.  Press it down on the paper.

Here is Kati's.  She stopped here. Kidding.  Just kidding. She got mostly finished.  But you can see how thin her candy cane was.  One row of tissue paper.  

And these are just pictures of my cute kids.

Mill's tooth has still not come out.  I'm waiting for her to swallow it.

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