Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent 17 days to go-Green or red, red or green

Ha!  That picture makes me laugh.  It's summer time here...but I've got news for you, I was cold the other day and again last night.  Yes, it's tropical and so humid you can taste the water in the air.  But I was COLD.  I mean, if I had a blanket I would have covered up with it. 

We were eating dinner at a marina off the ocean during a rainstorm and the wind was blowing cold air in.  I was COLD.  I was shivering. I had goose bumps. COLD, I tell you.

Then again yesterday it was like a fall day.  I was in town shopping (yes, I still say town as if I still live 30 minutes from town) and we were sitting out on a balcony, on street level, and I was cool.  The air was up so high in that place that when they opened the door to seat us I thought NO WAY!  So we sat outside. 

So, see, there are seasons here.  It's winter time in Singapore.


Wear red and green.  (Asa actually let me dress him in a green shirt since it was the Advent activity. Do you have a two year old who won't let you dress him?)


Tell someone something unique and special about them.

I blew it last night with the elf. I brought the coins down and set them on the table to set up the scene just right.  Sat down and forgot about them.  The kids found them this morning. 

Kori told me she knew it wasn't a mystery...it was mom and dad. That really cracked me up, because, she's 13 and it took her over a week to figure it out. See? FUNNY!

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Ashlea said...

I think you should include a little side note from me on this post that says you are just delusional cause you haven't felt the cold in a long time and that is was not AT ALL cold that day we were eating. It just wasnt making us drip with sweat as per usual.