Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Writer's workshop--I confess, I did it. No I didn't.

The Prompts:

1.) Describe a moment when you ignored your intuition. What happened.

2.) What are your confessions?
(inspired by Usher)

3.) A time when you stuck up for a friend.

4.) Something you wish you hadn’t put off til the last minute.

5.) Sarah Silverman once gave an interview where she described her childhood depression as feeling homesick while at home. How would you describe it?


What are your confessions?

Okay, okay. Since you are 200 of my closest friends, I'll confess.  (Pshaw! Like I have 200 readers. Teehee.)

  1. I love reality television.  You knew that right?  But did you know I will literally watch anything? Not the Bachelor, Kat.  That's going too far. Alright, I admit, I don't get the channel.
  2. I have slept with a baby playing on the couch beside me.  In my own defense, I sleep lightly and they were on the inside.  And I was really, really tired.
  3. Sometimes when I know Asa's diaper is wet, I don't care.  
  4. My kids only get dressed if we are going somewhere.  (I have been getting them dressed more often since we've been in Singapore.  Does that make it better?)
  5. When I'm pregnant I don't brush my teeth.  Much.  It makes me throw up.  What?
  6. I'm terrible at remembering birthdays outside of my immediate family. So...Happy birthday!
  7. I start thinking about Christmas the day after Christmas.  NOT even kidding.
  8. I love my husband dearly and he's my best friend in the whole wide world and brings me hamburgers when I'm hungry.  (Not a confession but it's true.)
  9. I hate taking baths.  Or showers.  Hate, hate, hate.  I hate them. 
  10. My feet stink.
And you, my friend?  What are your confessions????

1 comment:

Michelle G said...

If I don't budget myself (strictly) I will buy stuff online NON STOP! (there's just so much GOOD stuff - especially at christmas time!)

I can hold a grudge like nobodys business.

I can be very critical - most of all to myself. I recently realized that even though I'm not critical of my children - they are learning from my example and are hard on themselves. SIGH not something I wanted to hand down....

For no good reason....with the last two children nursing has been almost impossible. I can honestly say I tried EVERYTHING and I'm still "nursing" but I'm sure there is nothing there but a "pacifier" at this point :{ yet I refuse stubbornly to stop.

There are days when I HOPE I loose my job just so I can be home with the kids again....but I know it's a blessing to even HAVE one let alone one I REALLY do love....I just wish the timing was different.

I truly believe that I am not really GOOD at anything except singing. (and even that I worry about) lol

I HATE HATE HATE ink on my skin - almost at an OCD level. lol - "no tattoos for me!"

I have a very dry sense of humor and a faster mouth (often without a "filter") - which most of the time gets me into trouble.

I cancelled a "speaking engagement" because I honestly felt that I shouldn't give advice to others (felt hypocritical somehow) that I've taken over the blog :)

"Happy Day" lol

~Your evil twin~