Thursday, November 11, 2010

Four is the loneliest number

Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a funnier picture

Undeserving Yet Over Blessed tagged me so I thought it would be fun to answer these questions. You know me, love to talk about myself. 

Four things in my handbag:

  1. Air...I don't have a handbag at the moment but if I did...
  2. A diaper or two
  3. Receipts because I never throw those things away.
  4. I'm certain there would be a toy or a sock.
 a toy (and Audra)
    Four things in/on my desk:

    1. Air...I don't have a desk any more but if I did...
    2. Scrapbooking stuff of every shape, size and color.
    3. Baby books for the three youngest because they are ongoing until they are five.
    4. Journals for the three youngest because they are also ongoing and I didn't love my oldest kids enough to do one of them.  Just kidding, of course.  I only started with Millicent.
     Cute kids in matching dresses who have journals that I write in
      Four favorite things in my bedroom:

      1. Air...I don't have a bedroom.  Kidding, just kidding.  My bathroom, with my own bath tub, that no one else uses.
      2. Awesome, huge, big screen TV where I record all my favorite shows and watch them with my husband every night.  (Anyone else loving The Event?)
      3. KING sized bed.  YES!
      4. Comfy pillow.  It's one of those foam thingys.  I love it!
       See the pillow there on the left? Comfy.
        Four things I've always wanted to do (but haven't yet):

        1. Adopt a child, or two, or three or....LOTS
        2. WOW, I've been sitting here thinking about this one for about four minutes. I cannot think of anything. I've done everything on my list, I guess.
        3. Still can't think of anything.
        4. Still can't.
         More cuteness with Jerusha and Kati
          Four things I enjoy very much at the moment:

          1. Blogging.  I go in spurts though.  Sometimes it's agony to write anything. Other times I have days and days of good stuff to write now.
          2. Facebook.  Of course. I'm talking to some old friends really regularly and just getting caught up with some old, old friends from my old church True Oak, in Tuttle.  
          3. Shopping. I am a woman.
          4. Exploring Singapore.
           Exploring Singapore on the beach
            Four songs I can't get out of my head:

            1. Billie Jean
            2. If You're Happy and You Know It
            3. Sanctuary
            4. Wow.  There is nothing else in my head.
             Ashlea sings Sanctuary to put Audra to sleep
              Four things you don't know about me:

              1. You read a bunch of them yesterday but I can give you four more.  I only wear a nursing bra and I only take it off to bathe.  I sleep it in and everything.
              2. I hate wearing shoes.  I wear the bare minimum only when necessary.
              3. Hair grosses me out but
              4. I never shave. (Unless Jeff asks me to.)
               Just cuteness
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