Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Night Safari Zoo in Singapore

Our family on the tram.
Before we came to Singapore we heard about the Night Safari Zoo.  Sounded like something fun and unusual to do with the children, as a "Welcome to Singapore" activity.  It was.

When we arrived, on Deepavali weekend, there were hardly any cars in the lot. We were pumped, thinking (like our zoo at home) that it wouldn't be very crowded.  Little did we know.  It WAS a holiday weekend.

Here is the line:

Trust me.  It's LONG.  LONG. LONG.  It wound all the way around the park and outside.  We tried to cut the line but they sent us all the way back to the end.  Not on purpose, mind you.  We didn't understand exactly what we were doing.  There were no signs and no one was helping us.

I should have taken a picture of the men in the front with their feet in a fish tank, while the fish ate their skin.  But I didn't know how to unobtrusively do that.

It cost a lot.  And then it cost more.  They told us we really wouldn't enjoy it as much unless we rode a tram. So total cost for the zoo:  $170, 4 adults (13 is an adult here), 3 children.

So we stood in line waiting to go in.  But the line moved fast.

It was hot.

Then we had to get in another really LONG line for the tram.  And it did not move fast.

It was hot but there were fans.

And then we went on a really awesome 45 minute tram ride.   We saw the usual animals but they were up closer and some were free range.  My kids were pretty nervous about that.  They thought all the animals could get out.  That's how close we were.

Then we saw a really fun show. Animals did cool stuff.  (I know, I'm really giving lots of detail here.)

watching the show

 the crowd at the show

The funniest part of the show was when they talked about an animal being loose.  Some small thing ran across the stage and people started yelling and pointing.  It was chaos for about two minutes.  Then they pulled a gigantic snake out.  It was funny.  I guess you had to be there.  

 Here's a very lovely picture Millicent took of me

 Must carry umbrellas everywhere...and Asa's mode of transportation in Singapore is Dad's shoulders..left the stroller in America.

After watching the show we went to the bat cave where no bats swooped down on us like they were suppose to.  Then we went over a swaying, rope suspension bridge where several of the children almost cried as dad made it sway more.  

Then home. 

It was fun. We probably won't do it again though.

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Mrs. Stam said...

wow look like it was a adventure!

Melissa said...

Wow!! Glad you had a good time. Sorry it cost so much. Does everything cost more over there? My husbands former co-worker moved to Singapore and she says everyone has a live in maid that sleeps in the closet! Is that true??? I'm sure you would love a live in maid! I know I would.

Beulah said...

Sounds like fun! We went to the zoo during the day, but the show sounds like the same one we saw.

You should try the "fish spa". It's worth it for all the laughs you'll get out of it! It tickles like nobody's business. =)

Yara said...

I didn't comment on this? I know I read it & loved it!
I do believe I asked B if we could go to Singapore, but now, well... I don't wanna fly. Sorry. I know you'll miss me ; )