Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Michelle

It's my birthday. Well tomorrow, that is.

I'm 37.

Thank you.

Don't know what I'm doing because I LOVE surprises and everyone knows it.

Haven't opened any presents because I LOVE surprises.  

So here are 10 other things I love:

My handsome, sweet, gentle, SMART husband.

My amazing, sweet, loving, cute children.  (And grandchild.)


 Watching TV, especially Survivor.  (Like you didn't know that.)  


 Facebook (OH, MAN, do I love facebook.  Who's with me on this?)

Chocolate, cheesecake, coffee, pizza, chips...okay, so food.

Dates with my amazing husband.


Birthdays and Christmas.  

I am kind of sad that I won't be spending my birthday with my mother and father in law.  They have made every birthday special and fun since I married Jeff.  Linda makes for me whatever I request, which is pretty much the same every year:  potato salad (and no ordinary potato salad either), a giant cookie with nuts, peanut butter, apples and caramel.  They always buy me something special.  Hal even wrote a poem for me one year...and I kept it and still have it.  Now I'll wipe the tears away.

I still have the rest of my family here with me and I know they will make it special for me.

So happy birthday, Michelle.  Stop growing.  (Isn't that what we say to our kids?  I'm talking about my waist line.)

Today I am answering questions in the comments section about my life and family.  ASK AWAY!!!


Michelle G said...

YaY I get to leave the first comment :) are we twins and're only 37 and I'm 40? (or so I've been told....hmmm must mean I"M ONLY 37 TOO!)ah HA!
Second...okay you got all the "loving surprises" genes...cause I sorta (really) hate them. Someone told me I must be a control freak (gee thanks - maybe...but I don't think so...but now I'm wondering...LOL)

Okay....the real questions...
1.Favorite all time food (only 1)
2.If you could go away for a weekend with friends - what would ya do?
3.(I know...everyone always says no regrets...but...)If you had one thing to do OVER again in your life - what would it be?
4. Your FAVORITE childhood memory.

Okay - thats enough from me :)
Happy Happy Birthday!!!
Eat something sinfully good for me okay (darn this dieting stuff)


Yara said...

I love facebook, too!

Yara said...

Haha, you thought I wasn't gonna wish you a happy birthday. I think in Singapore it's already your birthday, but you're not up yet. I'll be honest, my clock on the computer just sorta spun ahead & I got a little confused. But
Hope it's a great one!

Okay, so, on Michelle G's question about going away for a weekend with friends, you'd come to SoCal for a Spa & shopping weekend with me, so we could eat great food, and maybe squeeze in some scrapbooking... right?

I'm all out of questions. Except, when are you coming to SoCal? We gotta get your kids to Disneyland!!!!

Mrs. Stam said...

Happy birthday!

Michelle said...

Oh YEA! I woke up to birthday wishes on my blog. thank you guys.

yara! You did trick me. I was all...what? she's not goign to with me happy birthday? LOL.

1. hard...probably my mother in laws potato salad. I could eat it at every meal for weeks and not get tired of it.

2. If money were not object, I would gather up some friends and fly somewhere, maybe to cal (LOL), and have a spa day. Then scrapbook the rest of the afternoon. Maybe catch a movie. Nice dinner out.

3. Well I do have can say you don't all you want, but there are always things we could do differently/better. I guess the one that didnt REALLY affect the path of my life was eloping. If I could go back I would put my DH in a tux and have a real wedding.

4. My favorite memories are Cmas at my aunts. We would all open presents, and I'd be opening them with my cousin Kezia. We'd have an awesome buffet laid out including black olive dip and rice krispie treats. Then we'd sing and read the Cmas story. Lastly, we'd go look at Cmas lights.

Yara, you can bet when we come to America after our stint here we will come see you for long as I can convince jeff.