Monday, November 29, 2010

Day three of Advent

(It is now Tuesday in Singapore.)

Today's advent activity is the Jingle Bell dance.

What is a Jingle Bell dance you ask.  Only the funniest show on earth. 

Here is what you need:

a video camera
cute kids
a funny husband
singers to sing Jingle Bells

Everyone sings.  Each person dances.  Mama records it all.  HILARITY ensues.  Just try it.  You'll like it.

Blessing jar:

Tell someone the good things they did today.

We drew names and will do it over dinner.

We are almost ready for ice cream...just a few coins from 30.  Our next goal will be 60 and we will buy a stranger ice cream.

A new thing we are doing this year is an elf adventure.  At St. Patty's a leprechaun causes havoc and runs a muck.  This is similar.  An elf does crazy things all over the place. 

Jeff wants to hire a "little person" and dress him in green to run through the house yelling, "Merry Christmas."  A Christmas to remember indeed. Meanwhile my kids don't sleep for a week.

On Sunday the elf opened up the box the tree was in. Last night he put panties on the undecorated tree.  Silly little elf.

No one has actually guessed it's an elf yet, but Millicent told me she suspects it is.

We do NOT pretend these are real.  Everyone knows they are pretend and that it's mommy.  It's still fun!  No one knows where or when the elf will strike again.  (I do.  Tonight he's opening a bag of marshmallows and scattering them all around.  He's going to take bites out of some.  The cabinet doors will be open and a "step stool"...aka a cup...will be underneath the cabinets for him to climb up.)

Yara asked yesterday how she could make this her main school.  Please chime in with your suggestions.

I'm all about books so I would find some books with more activities like:

The ADVENTure of Christmas by Lisa Welchel (Oh, how I want this book.)

The Wonder of Christmas:  A Family Advent Journey (I have the craft book for this and it looks like lots of fun....comes with patterns which I find immensely helpful as I'm inept at drawing.)

Celebrate Jesus at Christmas (Which is my current favorite aside from the Jotham trilogy.)

I look forward to hearing how others are incorporating school days into their Advent/Christmas celebrations.


Jeff Johnson said...

You forgot to mention that we will pretend we don't see the "little person"/elf as he is running through the house. We will just act like the kids are seeing things. Hilarity!

Jeff Johnson said...
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eally said...

Oh my goodness! Michelle, I can't believe how much has changed with you since I last checked in!! You are in Singapore? Since when? You have a grandbaby now? Aren't they just the best??? I am simply amazed at how time has flown. I work work work all the time now (and travel a lot with my work) so I never have time to read blogs anymore. How old is your youngest? I think you had just had the baby last time I checked in on you. :-)

Michelle said...

WOW. I want to come live with you and be your child.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh that is so awesome

Yara said...

I personally love Jeff's idea. If he goes through with it, please please please set up a video camera so I can watch it! Please : D

Anonymous said...

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