Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Day Two--Getting the house ready

Remember I'm a day ahead; I live in the future.  So we are on day two of Advent while you are just finishing day one.  The advantage for you is that you can just come here the night before the day of the next day of Advent and see what I did.  I'm confused.  Never mind.

You can read all my previous years Christmas and Advent activities also.

This year we have Tabitha's Travels for our evening story.  It's not too late to order it. You can have it over nighted for really cheap...or you can join Amazon Prime and get free two day shipping. (And don't forget as you shop this season to use my links.  My Amazon link will take you to the book, just don't add it to your cart.  Don't forget about Vision Forum for AMAZING toys and books.  And the other links in my sidebar.   Commercial over.)

One thing we started last year was the blessing jar.  I didn't quite get the participation I had hoped to, so this year I offered ice cream.  I'm not above bribing my kids to be sweet to each other.  We are starting small and working up.  Every time they do that days blessing they put a coin in the jar.  Thirty coins is a trip for gelatto.

Yesterday's Advent:

Put up tree.  (Did you see the picture?  Singapore is crazy for Christmas and while I can't afford decorations as easily as in America....or lights...HOLY COW, $20 a box....the EIGHT FOOT tree was cheap!)

Make someone's bed.  (Whenever the blessing for that day is "someone", we draw names.  Then everyone gets served and blessed...instead of only the someones that people like...I mean, want to be nice to cause they are nice back....I mean, me, of course.)

Today's advent:

Make the house a winter wonderland.  This is one of our favorite activities.  We make paper chains and snow flakes and hang them EVERYWHERE. (WOW! I really like caps today.)

Tell everyone one (specific) thing you love about them. (Had to say specific because otherwise we get things like, I love how you care about people or I love how you feed us.)

And here is just a cute picture.  Doesn't this just make you smile?


Yara said...

I'm so confused! Day one... Sunday? Saturday? Day two Sunday? Monday? Please clear this up for me!

We got our tree up Saturday & made a paper chain.

Do I start handing out the TJ's chocolate now?

I was gonna go to the library to look for the book, but it's cold! I'll check the bookstores first, or order on amazon.

After that I'm out of ideas... I want this to be our main school for the month, though. Help?

Kelly said...

I haven't' read this post yet. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by, changed your tabs. I wanna work on it more tonight and add a couple of things I think you might like. But for now I have to go and get Monday stuff done. And I want to apologize to your readers if they saw the mess a few minutes ago. Should be all cleaned up now.