Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop-My honey-do list

The Prompts:
1.) Soundtrack of your life: Pick 10 songs that you would have on a soundtrack for your life, pick a line from each that you most identify with and write a short statement of why this song made it.
(inspired by Pua at Dino Momma)

2.) Before I was a mom…
(inspired by Loukia from Loulou’s Views)

3.) What would it take? Write an imaginary scene where someone you are still angry with finally deserves to be forgiven.
(inspired by

4.) 30 things you vow to do this summer.
(inspired by Maegan from Life Set To Words)

5.) The ultimate honey-do list. If your spouse agreed to do any ten things you asked, what would they be?
(inspired by Tristina from Mr. and Mrs. Wright)


The ultimate honey-do list. If your spouse agreed to do any ten things you asked, what would they be?

Honey, this list is for you.
  1. Run me a bath, tonight, if you don't mind.  Brush my hair, tonight, if you don't mind.  I'll stop there.  Wink, wink.
  2. Clean the bedroom, so I don't have to.
  3. Get some boxes for me so I can pack the house while you are gone.  Or better yet,  let me get some boxes, and while I'm out I'll stop by Ashlea's and pick her up for dinner and a movie.  Then when I get ready to pack you can let me do that again and you can pack instead.  Whichever.
  4. Change Asa's diaper.  Right now.  And again in a little while.  Then after rest time when he poops.  (Yep, every day after rest time.)  And then tonight when it's time to get him ready for bed.  And tomorrow morning.  True, you won't get much work done.  But it's for your sweet wife who changes a lot of diapers.
  5. Mop the kitchen.  Hey, it's my list.
  6. Clean the van.  Let's start by actually getting the van.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  Then clean it.  Then go through a car wash.  Then go geocaching.  (Haven't heard of geochaching?  I'll do a post soon.)
  7. Go geochaching.
  8. Let me scrapbook.  It's my list, people.
  9. Go geocaching.
  10. Run me a bath.  Back to that, are we?  
What's your honey do list, honey?  Tell me.  And everyone else too.


Anonymous said...

pack? why packing? and what is your budget for a van? We found one here...15 passenger. :)


Milburns' said...

ooo... I like the honey do list one... my turn my turn!!!!

Veronica said...

I have heard of geocaching! It sounds like so much fun, but we haven't tried it yet.

I hate doing the floors! That would be on my list too :)