Thursday, June 3, 2010

I want to see my Grandma, I mean Mimi, I mean Granny

I have a grandbaby due in a few weeks.  I've got to make an important decision.  This is more important than anything. 

What will she call me?

I'm serious, people.  This is important.  I have six kids and you can bet I'll have that many grandkids.  You can bet I'll have double that many grandkids.  Probably more.  So whatever little Audra calls me, all the grandkids for the next sixty years will call me.  Yes, I said sixty.  My people live a long time.  My grandpa is 92 today.

So what should she call me?


I had a grandma.  While I liked her, Grandma does not invoke sweet memories of cuddling on the couch, doing crafts together, or baking.  Grandma invokes cigarette smoke to me.  Sorry, Grandma.  She's not reading this, because she's dead, so I can talk about her this way.


I love Mimi.  I love Mimi because my mother in law, the very best grandma on the planet, is called Mimi.  She is reading this so I have to lie.  Kidding.  It's true.  I really do feel that way about her.  Mimi DOES invoke cuddling on the couch and all that other hooey.


Do I look like a Granny?  I'm not even 40.


This is truly the best grandma name.  Alas, it is also taken.  By my mom.  Now it is true that her other grandchild calls her Mimi.  But my children called her Grammy long before he was even born.  I know, how wrong is that?  She's not reading this so I can talk bad about her.  Right?  Mom, stop reading.  You don't even have a computer.  I can't believe you drove to the library just to read my blog. (She does occasionally read so I needed a disclaimer.)

There's my grandbaby.


I LOVE Gigi.  Ashlea tells me that's not exactly a grandma name and won't let me use it.


Another good name.  And it's always funny when I tell people my Nanny use to make me graham crackers and milk after school. They think nanny, as in a child care worker. I gave away the punch line.  I have a Nanny so I can't use that name either.

What does that leave? 

Just Granny.  I don't want to be Granny.  I want to be something lively and cute and young. 

Any suggestions?  HELP a Granny out. 


Jen said...

My DH's family called their grandma "Nana" (said "nah-nah"). And she was a young, spry, little thing! I frankly like Gigi. Why does your daughter get to veto it? If you keep referring to yourself as Gigi, the baby will eventually call you that, anyhow! :D

JILL said...

I had my kids very young too so my mom did not want to be called Its funny b/c I remember Zack calling her mom sometimes (eveyone else did, why not!) She is a nanna, or nan. I think it sounds younger and is cute! Good luck finding a name!

Matt said...

None of my children's 4 grandmothers had any say in what the grandkids called them. My daughter, the firstborn grandchild, named each grandmother herself, regardless of the names they had chosen for themselves. Each name has stuck, and has been adopted by the other grandkids.
My mom was Gammy. 2 yeas after my mom passed away, my dad remarried, and my step-mom became Gramma (pronounced Gram-uh). My birthmom (very involved in my life) is Nana. My MIL is Grandma.

You could always try for the Southern version of Grandma: Meemaw. I think it is cute. =) Congratulations, Michelle. I am so happy for Ashlea and for you and Jeff.

Kelly said...

Cam calls my mom 'Memaw" pronounced me-maw just like it is spelled. Trust me she cuddles, spoils bakes and showers with love and gifts.

He calls my husbands mom "Grammy" and my niece calls her Mimi (she never got Grammy right and Mimi just stuck with her)

My grandmother was Nana - she was the best Nana in the world! I miss her a lot!

Cam calls my other grandmother (that we call grandma) the Great One! - he is her great grandchild, and there are 2 grandma Threatt's (my step mother and her - my dad called her Great Grandma Threatt one time and "The Great One" stuck)

Good luck choosing!

Melissa said...

We're calling my mom JeeJee but her name is Jeanie. I like Nana.

L Harris said...

My kids started out calling my mom Grandma. But after most of the grandkids had been born, Mom decided she didn't have to be "just" Grandma. She is now Grandma Johnny, using her nickname "Johnny" from her childhood. My dad has a number of loving names. One grandson calls him Grampa Pop. One of mine calls him Grampa Skunk. But mostly he's just Grampa.

The other side are called Poppa and Gramma.

I think I will do a post about this. Thanks for the idea. :)

Melanie said...

I like Nana, but you have to consider what the grandbaby will call Jeff, your name and his have to match, Nana and Papa go well together, have you even considered what Jeff will be called?!

Military Crunchy Mama said...

Ryan's mom is Grammy and my mom is Mamaw (short A).
You could do Nana (um, what my kids say for banana).

Anonymous said...

Let the baby choose! She will come up with something. Even if you pick something, she will likely change it anyway. My kids were supposed to call my mom "Grandma" but somehow they started calling her Mimaw... much to my dismay, but oh well, that is what they chose! LOL

Yara said...

just dont let her call you Mom because all the other kids call you mom... my mother did that & I HATE it. And if my kids call her grandma she gets mad & that makes me wanna.... well... anyway... don't allow it.
I like Gigi though
And- I'm sure the baby can choose once she is old enough.

Anonymous said...

We used Grams. HTH!!!!!

Stam House said...

Our Kids calls my mother Grand-mama and My husband's mom Oma

I love Oma, sound cool and Oma Stam having still 6 young little one living with her and 6 married grown up kids is fun yet grand-motherly :-)

Ps we had our baby!!!! Our birth story is up and find out the gender :-)

Milburns' said...

LOL!!! I DEMAND to be called Grammy!!! Thats who I want to be...

My kids have had:
Grandma Gingu (couldn't say Virginia)
Nanny (my mom)
Grandma Penny

How about Grammy M??? :-D

Kelly said...

How about Nana? That's what my kids call my step-mom. That's what she picked out, because she said it didn't make her sound old. I think it's a cuddly, cookie making name. Not that my step-mom is cuddly, or cookie making. Her mom was, but I think my step-mom might be an alcoholic.

Kara said...

I like "Gran"... I think that is so cute! My mom is a "Nana". We all just call my grandma, "grandma". I always wanted something different but it was a no go!
No matter what you decide to be called... it will turn into something different for a while.. She'll have her special way of saying your name. It will be wonderful no matter what!

Anonymous said...

meemaw and papa! Perfect, no?


Your Eldest said...

I like gran. And I don't remember saying you couldn't use gigi. But I don't really like it. Yaya is better.