Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zestra Giveaway-Winners


You aren't going to believe this.  Seriously.  I'm not doing this on purpose.  KARA won again!  I thought to myself last night, if Kara wins again I'm going to have to draw a new number or someone will think I'm cheating, but it's really her.  And it would be cheating to not let her have a night of love

Our second winner is:  Hannah.  HAAAAA!!! She can't win.  She's not married.  (Can you believe Random.org picked the first and last numbers?  

Let's try that again:  Number 12  The Brodericks.

Okay, send me your addresses and I'll send them to Zestra.

Have fun ladies!!!  But not you Hannah!  Not you.


Kara said...

Seriously starting to feel loved, Michelle!!! I never win anything and here recently, it's like a jackpot!!!
...and thank you... ;)

Kelly said...

okay - I need to start participating in your give away, so that kara can't win everything! LOL I'm just kidding Kara1