Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello, Hello, Again

That's my little guy taken as 6 Flags. Man, I love that boy.

We had so much fun at homeschool day.  I met up with a friend I've known for years but had never actually met.  We've been together, via the internet, through the birth of five-ish children.  So this was such a treat.

Houston was nice.  Ikea rocks.  I could buy everything.  I especially loved this shelving unit.  (Sorry they wouldnt let me paste it.)  This is what I want to decorate my school room in.  Wouldn't it be nice with these cabinets and shelves all along the wall.  I think I would do one long table with chairs so we could always keep school work and projects out and not have to clean the table of them every time we ate.  I'm not good at decorating.  No picture, but trust me.

I just finished a ton of good books.  I'll share them with you in the next few days.  I'm sure I have a book giveaway coming up soon.

Speaking of giveaways, I have a lot and I'm getting behind.  One I'm really excited about is from CSN.  You know they sell just about everything. Baby cribs, furniture, exercise equipment (from which I gave away a ball not too long ago).  They've offered me a gift certificate to their site. So I'm going to use it for the Biggest Loser contest.

Speaking of the Biggest Loser.  Everyone stinks this week. Including me.  But there were a few people who actually lost.  We need motivation.  Stick with me people.  We can do this. Write down what you eat.  I've actually gone back to Weight Watchers points because it's easiest for me to keep track of how much I should eat each day.  Don't be afraid to do something like that.  YES, you WILL HAVE to eat less.  You will have to eat less to lose weight.  It's the facts.  But let's not give up.  Let's stay the course.  We can do this. 

Don't forget to get your weights into me on Monday morning. This week I didn't chase you down, but I will next week.

We had a tornado right down the street a couple nights ago.  We generally like tornadoes.  As long as no one is getting killed and houses aren't destroyed.  We like to chase them and capture videos and pictures.

We didn't chase this one, but we heard a friend of Ashlea's house got messed up.  You may not be able to see in this picture but her shingles were completely blown away and her house was off it's foundation.

Just down the road from her was a barn completely gone. 

And power lines completely snapped in half.  Man, they just put those in!!!

Ashlea's shower was Saturday. It was a pink explosion. Here she is:

Here is Jerusha standing on her stomach. I can't say for sure why this cracks me up so much.

Jerusha got two teeth.

Asa ate sheetrock.

Millicent will not stop sucking her thumb.

How is your week?


Kelly said...

Wow her time is approaching.

This week I have done better - I have a dance recital coming up and I'm super stressed about it. Please pray that all goes well, and I can concentrate on my Weight Watchers after it's over (next Saturday). Right now I'm so stressed I'm not sleeping!

Anyway - I will check in with you on Monday!

Milburns' said...

Fixing to blog about my week...LOL LOVE this post... but of course I am biased. Hehehe. So sad about Ashlea's friends house. :-/ We do so love tornadoes as well. Haven't been close enough to chase any yet though...

Stam House said...

wow tornadoes!!!!
And Ashley is sooo cute!

Ok my comment makes no sense but bare with me I haven't sleep in days, too much contractions!!!!

Mom's Place said...

Love the shelving unit!!!!!!!!

Let's see, the last week...hubby got home, got a new fridge, #1 slept walked 4 nights in a row, #2 had breakdowns, #3 was her normal pillish self, #4 went shopping for herself (too cute), and #5 started cruising!!!!

Tornados scare me! Been through 1 here. Freaked me out! People are not kidding when they say they sound like freight trains!

Tara H. said...

wow, you got a lot going on! I can't believe how big ash is! she is so cute. and the only big is her tummy...that is so not fair! she looked beautiful. It looks like ya all had a great time at 6 flags too.
we are joining the gym tomorrow. even got a personal trainer so get ready! I am going to take this contest!
I am so glad you all are ok. i was so worried when you didn't answer the other night. thanks so much for calling me and letting me all was ok. Tornados still scare me so much! And CJ is just like me about it!
dont forget to send me the book order form.

have a great weekend.

Trudy said...

Great update post Michelle! Ashlea looks fantastic, she's getting close now. That picture is pretty funny. Can't believe Ju is 4 months already. Mine isn't quite 2 weeks yet and I'm trying to freeze time for a while here. I LOVE THIS!

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

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