Thursday, April 8, 2010

Biggest Loser

Get those results from the push-up challenge in to me this morning so I can see how badly I beat you.

I'll announce a winner as soon as everyone emails me. Come back for the winners.

If you are thinking of playing, it's not too late.  We are only a few days in.

We'll have a challenge every Wednesday so be sure to come back on Wednesdays.  (You can also follow me on Twitter.)


Kelly said...

Okay - I lost this challenge becaues I have cysts on my wrists (one on each) that prevent me from doing push-ups.

From here on - I'll be spanking you on the challenges! LOL

Kelly said...

It's okay about the wrists. My own fault - they need to be removed again, but I just hate doing that! So I deal with it. Maybe this summer. Don't worry about the push up challenges (I will figure out a way to modify mine!)

Kelly said...

I did 10 push ups yesterday. I have also blogged, tweeted,facebooked and stumbled this contest. I have also posted a before pic on my blog, placed your button on my blog and got a friend to join. Hi, Mary! So now I have a bajillion points and am beating everyone. Right?!?