Thursday, April 8, 2010

Biggest Loser Challenge 1 WINNER

The winner is JENNIFER.  She did 100 push ups.

Everyone else:

Me:  80

Amy:  72 

Christy: 37

Kelly 1:  10


Kelly said...

Holy cow! I'm up against some stiff competition! I've been working on doing push ups for WEEKS now.I'm not even exaggerating. How's everyone doing their push ups? I do mine with my feet up on the yoga ball. But I didn't do them throughout the day, I only had time for one set last night. The next challenge is MINE I tell ya! :) Oh yeah, Congrats Jen!

Michelle said...

girly push ups!

Amy said...

Wow Jen great job!!!

Mom's Place said...

Holy smokes! What am I getting myself into! Great job!!! Was that total for the day or all at once??

Michelle said...

mine was for the whole day. each sets gets easier. but i am a little sore.